Fashion Friday: Ombré

Caffey (38 of 47) Ombré has no limits, y’all! Trust me on this one.

Are you more into the drama or in the understated? Ombré can be BOTH.

If you want something a bit more “show-stopping,” you can have a painted ombré wall in your home. Or you can add ombré to your home decor with lampshades, pillows, bedding, stools, rugs. In any way you chose to display ombré in your home, we love it.

Pictured above, I decided to keep to play off the neutral walls and beautiful golden rust colored accents in the artwork and all around the room. Adding the ombré garden stool completed this look perfectly, don’t you think?

Ombre Fashion

You know what else I love? I love adding ombré to my fashion choices. This Isaac Mizrahi yellow tunic is now one of my Spring staples. It’s comfortable and chic, allowing me to run from the store to design projects and of course: chase my girls around. I like to break the yellow up a bit by layering gold necklaces on top.

Ombre Hair

Do you know who else is rocking the trend? Campbell! Her hair color is a beautiful, natural ombré. She has what we ladies pay for!

Tell me: do you like ombré? If so, how are you using ombré in your home?


Exciting News AND Around LILA: March 26

Happy Thursday, y’all! You’ve almost made it to the weekend.

We thought it would be fun to start a weekly series called: Around LILA. Each week, we will give you a peek into what’s new and happening at LILA. With the spring season here, we’ve got some FUN merchandise. Check it out below!

IMG_4556 We love Caldrea. Have you heard of it? It’s an amazing aromatherapeutic line. They offer everything from hand and body lotion to laundry detergent and household cleaners. Caldrea is passionate about choosing the most responsible ingredients that are incredibly effective, yet safe and gentle for our homes and our loved ones.

IMG_4562 This is our newest line from Caldrea: aromatherapeutic homekeeping. These products are everyday cleaning tools that should make your home brighter and lighter. Our personal favorite scent? Ginger Pomelo.

IMG_4568 Our three new seasonal Park Hill candles: sweet tea, tall cotton and southern charm. Can you get any more southern than this?!

IMG_4565 Lastly, we have these amazing toiletry bags from Top it Off Accessories ready to be monogrammed! There are 14 styles of embroidery and lots of colors to choose from. We think these are perfect gifts for Mother’s Day, graduation and bridesmaids!

We’ve got LOTS more at LILA and would love to help! If you need more information on any of these fun finds or would like us to ship to you, please email us at or call at 877.583.0355.

We have an awesome announcement to share with you today! Our store, LILA Home Designs is going through an exciting change. LILA Home Designs will now be known by LND Home (or Lauren Nicole Designs Home). Over the past year, we’ve realized the confusion in having the design studio of Lauren Nicole Designs and the store, Lila Home. They are directly related but have different names.

SO, we’ve made it easier! We will now have Lauren Nicole Designs as our design business and LND Home as our store. You know what else that means? Amazing contests, fun giveaways, and a BRAND NEW website with exciting features. Stay tuned for more details!

Around My Home: Easter

Have you caught spring fever yet? We sure have! Easter is just next week and we’ve got some great ideas for you and your family.

Other than spending time with family, my favorite part of each holiday is to dress my house for the occasion. My girls love to get involved and help me decorate, which I secretly love and hope continues forever. Each of these ideas features either bright colors or beautiful flowers, making it the perfect choice for your Easter decorating.

My Easter decor mentality is simple: take what you already have and just add small touches without going overboard. Finley spotted the figurines shown below in an antique store for $5.00 and she had to have them. She accessorized them in our home and absolutely loves walking past and seeing her “work.”

Another inexpensive and fun way to add spring into your home: JELLY BEANS. Simply buy some jelly beans and Hershey eggs and put them in a cute glass container, or mini milk jugs like I did. As guests and family members walk by, they will be encouraged to snack and add that spring to their step!

Easter Image





If you are like me and want to get your kids even more involved: you must try Bunny Bait!


Bunny Bait

  • 1 bag popcorn, popped
  • 6 oz. chocolate candy coating
  • 1 bag Easter M&Ms
  • pretzel sticks, broken into small pieces
  • colorful sprinkles, if desired

Place the popped popcorn in a large bowl with the broken up pretzels and M&Ms. Heat the candy coating in the microwave in 30 second intervals, stirring after each time, until melted and smooth.

Drizzle the candy coating over the popcorn mixture and stir to coat. The pretzels and M&Ms will sink to the bottom, so make sure to get those stirred in and coated with the rest of the popcorn.

Spread out on a large piece of wax paper, top with a few sprinkles (if desired) and let cool. Break into pieces and serve in a large bowl. It will be hard to keep your bunny paws out of the bowl!

Recipe source: slightly adapted from Bake at 350


Judging by the way they dove in, I think the girls liked the Bunny Bait. I’m just hoping they will share with the Easter Bunny!

Question: What ways do you dress your home for Easter? Do tell!

Paint on the Ceiling!

One way to quickly and easily enhance your space is to address your ceiling. A lot of ceilings will have at least crown molding separating them from the walls, which is the perfect separation to do something different and interesting on the ceiling, like paint or wallpaper. And if you have a tray or coffered ceiling this feature is even more enhanced. Addressing this area can make a huge impact! Check out my dining room before and after!


You can see that both flat parts of the ceiling are painted and the crown stayed white. So anything drywall got painted and yes they are the same paint. You may be inclined to do one section darker or lighter than the other but this would appear quite busy so I would K.I.S.S.—-keep it simple sweetheart!

And the color I selected is a light yet warm shade of grey (that phrase will forever have a new meaning beyond color!) from Benjamin Moore called coventry gray HC-169. It picks up the colors in the rug and and ties in the draperies as well as contrasting from the wallpaper but is not such a drastic departure that it stands out. Instead it is the finishing touch to the space. And just in time as my AHmazing photographer, Randy Foulds, is coming to town next week and will be photographing this and several other rooms in my home as well as my client’s homes. Stayed tuned for that!


Have you enhanced a ceiling in your home? Tell me all about it!

***Special shout out to my right hand men, Nathan and Barry of Finish Touch, for knocking this out with such precision!***

4 Fireplace and Mantel Styling Ideas

The fireplace and mantel is most often the focal point of the room. It is so important to dress your mantel so that it makes a statement and can hold the attention of the room. Most people have trouble decorating this space in their home from scratch, which I know can be a little scary! (That’s why you’re reading this blog right?) After reading these quick and easy tips, you’ll be armed with the knowledge to tackle the mantel decor in your home with confidence.


Photo via Lauren Nicole Designs

1. Flanked sconces are a classic way to dress it up! The size of the sconces depends on the height of the wall and width of the mantel. The sconces should serve as an accent to a larger piece in the center of the mantel. The sconces used in the living room above are crystal and add a touch of elegance to this more formal room style. Sconces come in all types of sizes and materials to fit both a formal and casual space so choose the style that best suits you!


Photo via Lauren Nicole Designs

2. Select a large decorative mirror as the center piece of the mantel. Create visual interest by using a unique mirror frame which also doubles as art work, like the wood starburst mirror above. Looking to stick with a classic rectangular mirror? Consider hanging it vertically to create more height and the room will appear taller!


Photo via Lauren Nicole Designs

A shaped mirror is also a great way to keep the look classic and modern at the same time. The mirror above has a unique and fun shape that isn’t your typical rectangular shape.


Photo via Lauren Nicole Designs

3. Most families have a TV in their family room of course (I do at my home) and a popular place to mount the TV is above the fireplace. It can be a challenge to decorate around the TV but there is a solution. My favorite trick is to find a low tray or bowl and fill it with greenery. Add taller, matching decorative pieces on either side of the tray or bowl to disguise the not-so-pretty TV.


Photo via Lauren Nicole Designs

4. Lanterns are everywhere right now! It is hard for me to find a lantern I don’t like. I adore the look of this fireplace mantel because it has a perfectly symmetrical look.  Wood and iron metal lanterns with a silver leaf tray and green moss balls – a few of my favorite things!

Contact me if you need my help to style your family room mantel or pay a visit to Lila Home Designs!

Street Style to Dining Room Style

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” – Rachel Zoe

I often say that one of the biggest ways I get to know my client’s personal taste is through their style. What we choose to wear is a direct reflection of the style of home decor we like. Clients who like wearing all neutrals and pastels typically choose the same with their style of home. The same goes for those who wear bright, bold patterns. Today’s blog is all about bridging the gap between home and street style. Lets see what kind of decor this fashionista might choose.


Photo via Pinterest

With spring in the air, I decided to feature a beautiful and bright family dining room.What makes this simple design so sophisticated? It’s all about the classic design with a hint of the unexpected, like the gold stilettos.


Photo via Lauren Nicole Designs

I just love the hints of metallic in the metal and crystal chandelier and that little bit of sheen in the draperies. The large wall mirror above the buffet brings in more light and makes this space feel so much larger.


Photo via Lauren Nicole Designs


Photo via Lauren Nicole Designs

The dining room chairs, solid wall color, and neutral draperies all have very clean lines. We chose to keep all six chairs the same to keep things sleek and symmetrical. Just like the fashionista’s style, this room keeps a neutral base but brings the bling through the accessories.

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3 Quick Tips for Pet Friendly Designs


My family is the animal saving, animal loving, animal crazy kind. We’re happy to have two cats, Olivia and Elsa, and now three dogs, Zoe, Lucy and Clover. Given our new addition to my family and the Lila Home/Lauren Nicole Designs studio, Clover the 10 week old miniature Australian Shepherd, I’m now thinking again of smart ways to design with our furry children in mind. (These rules can also apply to families with kids.)

1. Select stain and scratch-resistant fabrics.

In areas where pets spend a lot of time, skip the delicate fabrics that can be a magnet for stains. The same goes for anything velvet, a pet hair magnet. Instead, opt for a Crypton fabric which wards off all of those accidental stains. And be sure to consider a Sunbrella fabric, yes, Sunbrella! Not just for outdoor pieces, they now offer an array of beautiful indoor fabrics that are just as durable as their outdoor options. These kinds of endurance fabrics help ward off stains but if you do have a little accident, the moisture will bead off of the top protective layer and will not penetrate the furniture. Simply wipe it away like it never happened.


Engineered leather is also a perfect choice. I can’t say how much I love this option for your main upholstered pieces! Not only is it super soft and warm without years of  breaking in, it is also resistant to scratches from your little one’s sharp claws as it is scratch proof!

2. Choose bedding that is washable.

Our animals love to sleep comfortably where we do. The best ways to make a pet friendly bed is by starting at the bottom. Use a thick mattress pad to protect your mattress. Next, select cotton bed sheets that can be thrown in the wash regularly. While you’re selecting your sheets, search for a darker color or fun pattern that more easily disguises any stains or pet hair. Your bed spread should do the same thing. But if you are a fan of a light and solid color bed spread, think about a duvet cover that can be easily washed as well.


3. Hard surface floors to the rescue.

Potty training a puppy can be a difficult task so the less carpet, the better. There are endless possibilities when it comes to alternatives to carpet. (Too much tan carpet can get a little boring anyways, right?) Tile floors are the best option for high traffic areas because they are easily cleaned and put up the fight against scratches. Hard wood floors are also a great option but are more susceptible to scratches while playing fetch in the house.

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Practically Beautiful Family Room

What’s practical is beautiful… and suitability always overrules fashion.
Billy Baldwin
Lauren Clement-4

Photo via Lauren Nicole Designs

I love designing for a family friendly lifestyle. Most of my clients have growing families with the busy schedules of everyday life and look for their home to be their sanctuary and place to escape. The most common request from clients is that they want their family room to be warm and welcoming. The family room greets you after a long day and also your guests when you entertain. It’s also super important for it to be stylish too, of course. There is no need to sacrifice functionality over beauty.

Here’s why this family room is all things warm, stylish, and family friendly!



The side chairs we selected for this room have a clean line and are a great size. Not only are they sleek looking but are super durable. Different from the manufacture’s photo above, we chose to cover both chairs with an engineered leather in a beautiful brick red color. The engineered leather is more resistant to scratches, spills, and overall wear and tear. Perfect for families with small children and pets like mine. (Hop over here to see my blog on why I love this type of leather.)


Photo via Lauren Nicole Designs


Photo via Lauren Nicole Designs


The ottoman is a great spot to kick you your feet or place a decorative tray to hold drinks and snacks while watching TV. What makes this ottoman so special? This rich chocolate brown ottoman doubles as a great storage option. The top lifts up for easy access to store blankets or electronics you want to hide away in the family room. The ottoman is also made of a super durable ultra velvet.


The centerpiece in this space is the oversize mirror above the fireplace. This family opted to have their TV in a more discrete place in the built in shelving unit instead of above the mantel. This raw wood framed mirror makes a dramatic statement and is a great balance to the red chairs.

It’s easy to see this space doesn’t compromise on style. I love the warm and rich colors and how the room gives you a hug by just looking at it. The wooden starburst mirror, fun draperies, and retro-inspired chandelier add a touch of fun and keeps the look current. What is your favorite functional family room piece? (Wow, say that three times fast!)

Chevron or No Chevron?

We can all agree that the chevron print has made a massive impact on modern interior designs. It’s strong geometric print adds instant fun to a more subtle room. Chevron is recognized by its repeating inverted V design. (Visit here to see this print featured in the Decorator’s Dictionary!)

Are you shying away from chevron because you’re scared it will date your room too soon? Have you seen too much chevron and looking for the next best thing? Here is my selection of alternative patterns that still bring the geometric drama!



Photo via Lauren Nicole Designs



Photo via Lauren Nicole Designs


Gate Work

e847ddf80ef0d832bc75103be07eb5fe (2)

Photo via Lauren Nicole Designs


Photo via Lauren Nicole Designs





Photo via Lauren Nicole Designs

Like most bold patterns, geometric fabric are best used in moderation. A little goes a long way with a quatrefoil, gate work, and houndstooth pattern. Keep the larger upholstery pieces more subtle when decorating with these prints. Save the bold print for drapery panels, accent pillows, or a throw blanket so it’s super easy to update the look when the time comes.

What are your thoughts? Is chevron on its way out? Comment and share your design opinion!

Decorator’s Dictionary, X – Z


X-Back Chair - An “X” shaped chair back. X-chairs date back to ancient Egypt, Rome and the Middle Ages.


Photo via Pinterest



Photo via Pinterest


Yorkshire Chair - An oak chair featuring turned front legs and stretchers. Native of Yorkshire, England during the 17th Century. (Available at Lila Home!)


Photo via Pinterest


Photo via Lauren Nicole Designs


Zebra Wood - Wood that resembles the striping of a zebra, with dark stripes on a light background. Found on contemporary furniture pieces and decorative wall paneling.


Photo via Pinterest


Photo via Pinterest

I hope you’ve enjoyed the many editions of my Decorator’s Dictionary! Who would have thought that I would also learn a few things along the way too! There are plenty of terms we couldn’t get to so comment and share with your interior design lingo.



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