Introducing…Living in Lawson

We are SO excited to announce…

My family is moving!

We are headed to a neighborhood that is better for Finley and Campbell. Our current neighborhood is great and we love it–but it’s very small with not many children my girls’ age.

Bonus: the neighborhood has a pool. So, the girls are even more excited than I am!

Here’s the kicker: move in month is in December! Why not move during Christmas?! Eeek! Another kicker? We are downsizing in order to end up in this neighborhood. This means, we will need to be more organized and sift through things prior to moving.

What’s in it for you? Well, we are filming the entire process and calling it:

Living in Lawson

We will give you a behind the scenes look at all the glamorous and not-so-glamorous parts of moving. Expect before and after videos of the: kitchen, family room, master bedroom, dining room, Finley and Campbell’s room, bonus room and guest room!

Click here for a little more information: Living in Lawson Intro

Introducing Living in Lawson

We’re happy the girls are as excited as we are!

Lawson 3

The girls exploring the pool. :)

Lawson 2

Our lot. Empty and full of so many possibilities.

Do tell: What are some moving tips you can share? We are all ears!

Looks We Love: Celebrity Closets

I think on the wish-list of almost every girl I know: A great closet. It’s true: a beautiful, spacious closet full of storage is priceless. We couldn’t help but do some celebrity-closet exploring (stalking) on Pinterest. See below for our faves and then tell us your favorite!

Looks We Love Celebrity Closets

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 3.19.20 PM source

Mariah Carey

Of course her closet would be everything luxurious and everything girly. We love the all white room and shelves with gold trim and lighting. This way, all the AMAZING shoes pop. Can you imagine having that many shoes?!

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 3.21.26 PM source

Jessica Alba

We’ve had a girl-crush on Jessica Alba for years. We love her elegance and her Honest products! AND now: we want her closet! The dark wood floors and shelves made us think of the Ralph Lauren store in NYC. It gives her closet a retail-store vibe…who wouldn’t want to feel like they are shopping in their own closet?!

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 3.21.43 PM source

Nate Berkus

Nate is one of the best celebrity designers, in our opinion. His style is fresh and timeless and he carries this over to his closet. We love the mustard yellow over-sized ottoman in the center. It’s the perfect spot to perch on when deciding on outfit for the day.

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 3.23.32 PMsource

Jenna Lyons

This JCrew Director’s closet is exactly what we would imagine it to be. Jenna’s style is rustic and comfortable and this closet certainly reflects her style. It has an antique style, with a modern touch in the shelves. Simply cool!

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 3.25.09 PMsource

Guiliana Rancic

Our favorite E! personality is definitely Guiliana. This closet is traditional and clean with the soft modern island in the center. The pull out shelves on the island allow for lots of storage (and hiding spots to get rid of clutter).

Do tell: Which celebrity above has your favorite closet?

An Inside Look: Longview Estate Master Suite

We’re back with an inside look at the Longview Estate. Did you get a chance to see our last look inside this beautiful home? Check it out here for a tour of their office.

Today, it’s all about the Master Suite. My clients both love to travel and wanted their bedroom and bathroom to feel resort and spa-like. Once I had my inspiration and goal in mind, I was off and ready to design this fun project!

Deconstructed Master Suite We’ve highlighted the key design traits.

  • Frosted Glass French Doors: This added that luxurious feel to the room.
  • Appropriate Sized Pillows: For this bed (and any other king-sized bed), we had 3 Euro shams, 2 King shams and 1 bolster pillow. Having large pillows on a large bed makes it all balanced.
  • Drapery: This soft patterned drapery frames the windows perfectly.
  • Privacy Roman Shade: We used fabric instead of the usual wood to give a soft feel.
  • Dark Side Tables: We used a darker side table to contrast the neutrals. If we had used a light colored side table, it would have been off balance.

Clement (94 of 124)-2

Clement (96 of 124)

Opposite of the bed, we placed this dark wood dresser. It kept the room grounded and has plenty of storage for my client. We softened the dark color by adding a silver lamp and fresh hydrangeas.
Tip: Always be careful of what your mirror reflects. Look in the mirror prior to hanging to see what it’s reflecting.

Clement (97 of 124)-4

We kept this bathroom elegant and a similar color scheme as the bedroom to enable a clean flow from room to room.

We used the same marble throughout the whole space but just different sized tile. So, the floors, shower walls, shower floor, and counter-tops are all the same marble but just in different sized tile. We did this to add dimension to the space.

Clement (98 of 124)-3

Finally, we added these side crystal sconces instead of the typical above-mirror lights and were so pleased with how they turned out. Perfect task lighting!

Do you want more details on this master bath? One of our episodes of Design 101 gives you even more information. Check it out here!

Do tell: What is a must in your master bedroom?

What’s on Our Nightstand?

We wanted to give you an inside look and share what’s on our nightstand. We are starting at my house and in another post will share everyone else!

Whats On Our Nightstand Lauren

Here’s the deal, I like my nightstand clean and simple, clutter free. Of course, most of the time at night, you will find my phone charging on my nightstand. I know I’m not the only one who does that. 😉

Here are some of my favorite features…

Chris and I each have a pic of the girls on our nightstand and the girls like to change them out every now and then, it’s a game to them!

Another favorite? My small bird jewelry dish that holds my rings and earrings at night time. It also holds my sweet Mom token that Finley made me on my first Mother’s Day.

Nightstand 2

I also have a pop of fresh with my favorite flowers: hydrangeas. Hydrangeas give our bedroom a  calming and spa-like setting.

ABSOLUTE favorite part? My nightstand is where my girls always leave me notes and drawings, so my top drawer is full of these sweet little love notes.

Nightstand 3So there we have it! That’s my nightstand. Simple, clean, functional and lovely!

 Do tell: What do you keep on your nightstand?

How to: Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space

With this beautiful summer weather, we’ve spending a lot more time outdoors. We refreshed our porch and outdoor space with new furniture and accessories (post coming soon!), so my family is loving spending our evenings outside.

How do you spruce up your outdoor space? How do you accessorize it? I’m here today to give you a few tips and quick fixes!

Patio 4s

Change the color scheme with throw pillows.

We know getting all new cushions can get pricey. However, you can change the look of a space with throw pillows. Add pops of color and you immediately transform the feeling of your outdoor oasis!

L Clement (15 of 51)

Add different lighting.

We love candles. If you follow our blog, I am sure you know that. Candles add wonderful lighting for those perfect summer nights. Lanterns and torches also bring an even more dramatic lighting to outdoor spaces. However, make sure you are careful where you place any open flames.


Buy a new outdoor rug.

Rugs anchor all rooms–both inside and out. Place a patterned rug under your outdoor furniture or dining room table and it immediately feels warmer. Rugs also direct the flow of traffic to your outdoor space.

Clement (158 of 228)-1

Add different outdoor decor.

There are lots of great places to buy stylish outdoor accessories, including our store of course :) When you freshen up your current outdoor accessories with new ones, it gives the space a newer look. We love adding garden stools beside outdoor furniture for an accessible coffee table that is both functional and chic.

Moral of the story: get outside and have fun playing around in your outdoor space!

Do tell: What is your outdoor space like? We’d love to hear!

Fashion Friday: Comfortable Chic

Happy Friday to everyone! It’s been a while since we did a Fashion Friday so we’re excited to bring you another one. :)

Fashion Friday Comfortable Chic

We are featuring both my mom and me this time! Choosing outfits last week for Atlanta Market is always tricky because you have to be comfortable and stylish at the same time. We didn’t even realize that we had similar color palettes of coral and navy and could only laugh when we saw our matching outfits. Great minds think alike!


It’s always frigid in showrooms at Atlanta Market so a cardigan and/or longer pants are a must. I wore these super comfortable lace shorts and kept it simple by layering a white cardigan over a white t-shirt. The icing on the cake is this long medallion necklace that adds a bit of color.

Mom also dressed for the artic-showrooms with these cute, crispy white capris and a coral tunic. I was jealous of her being warm all day, that’s for sure!

Clement (78 of 124)-1

Now for this beautiful outdoor screened in porch. My client LOVES to spend time out here year around because it stays cool in the summer with the shade and the fan. AND it stays warm in the winter with the fireplace.

Clement (76 of 124)-3

We wanted to keep this space neutral because of the amazing views. However, adding in the navy and coral pops of color keeps it fresh and chic. Of course, we used all Sunbrella Fabric because it’s fade resistant, stain resistant and fashionable!

Clement (77 of 124)-1

This is the perfect sitting area for morning coffee or dinner alfresco!

Do tell: What are your weekend plans?

Latest Obsession: Monograms

Alright, we know that monograms have been around FOREVER. However, we noticed at the Atlanta Gifts Market last week: monograms are even more prevalent now than they were last year. We saw them in about every showroom and especially fashion accessories. Latest Love Monograms Thankfully, we monogram at our store so I can feed my monogram love! Adding a monogram to a gift instantly makes the gift more personal. :)

Here are some of my very favorites from around our store…


I love this printed jewelry tray to place on top of a dresser, nightstand or bathroom vanity.


The understatement of this monogram is everything. This petite trinket box may have to be in the girl’s playroom.


We can monogram EVERYTHING and we plan on it! :) This candle not only smells amazing but looks chic too.


This beverage chiller is perfect for poolside and beach-side sipping.


Remember, everything you see above are available at our store, Lauren Nicole Home. Come visit us, give us a call (877-583-0355) or email us ( if you are interested!     

Do tell: Do you love monograms as much as we do?



An Inside Look: Longview Estate Office

We are so happy you liked looking into our last Inside Look: Lakeside Retreat. This time? We’re taking you into a new home called “Longview Estate.” The first stop on the tour: the office.

Inside Look Longview OfficeMy clients both work from home but they both travel weekly so this is a shared office that gets A LOT of use by each homeowner every day. But it is also a front room of the home so in addition to being highly functional it needed to be highly stylish as well! We selected a rich and gender neutral color palette in a soft blue and a rich grey with dark wood.

Clement (106 of 124)

My clients have two children who love to work when Mom and Dad work so this reading nook is the perfect place to do that. Or just to sit and have a conversation and enjoy the view out of the large windows.

Clement (99 of 124)-2

Books are a huge part of my client’s lives….they all LOVE to read! So this wall to wall and floor to ceiling book case was a critical part of this new home plan. Lighting is also a key element when designing an office. We have a substantial overhead light as well as a directional task light on the desk and a table lamp by the chairs so that everyone using this space will be happy. The fabulous cream leather tufted office chair is adjustable in height to accommodate all users of the space.

This office truly embodies function + style to = an everyday success!

Do tell: What is your must-have in a home office?

Atlanta Gift Market Summer 2015 Recap

Atlanta Market Recap

Alright friends, we are back from Atlanta Market and we have SO much to show you.

Fun fact: Over the course of 2 1/2 days, we shopped over 24 hours. Power shoppers!

We wanted to show you our favorite trends spotted at Market and of course, lots of pictures. We Instagrammed bunches this past week to show you lots of sneak peeks. Follow us @laurennicoledesigns and @laurennicolehome!

alanta group

Here’s what we are showing you today from Atlanta Market:

  • Fur
  • Charleston Green
  • Gold
  • Holiday

Fur, Fur Everywhere

atlanta fur 2

We spotted lots of fur in rugs, pillows and textiles. Beautiful and luxurious whether it is real or faux: we love it all!

atlanta fur 1

And of course, we couldn’t help but get these matching fur bracelets. Aren’t they the cutest?

Charleston Green

atlanta green 3

This Market showcases lots of holiday decor for the Fall and Winter, so of course we spotted lots of Green in Christmas tablescapes and trees. However, we noticed this beautiful Charleston Green in home decor and accessories.

atlanta green 2

Can we just take a moment to ponder how showstopping this Charleston Green GIANT jug is? Wow.

atlanta green 1

Let’s bring green to furniture as well in this amazing upholstered Lucite chair.

Gold Accessories

atlanta gold 3

Another trend we noticed, the touch of gold in accessories. It can be done in a simple, understated way with small touches of gold OR it can be done in a bold way with lighting.

atlanta gold 2

We love these birds and wall art for lovers of the bold and modern style.

atlanta gold 1

We spotted lots of gold wishbones (see in the center of the above image) and cannot wait to place some of those in our client’s houses.

Holiday in Every Way

atlanta holiday 5

Be still our Christmas-loving hearts. Wow. I know it’s in the middle of summer but we are SO ready for Christmas! To get ready for the Christmas decor coming soon, we are even having a huge Christmas in July sale next week. :)

atlanta holiday 3

We noticed lots of birds and wildlife making appearances in Christmas scenes.

atlanta holiday 2

Including this pig, which we loved! Also, this wreath would be perfect on a door or as a centerpiece in your holiday tablescape.

atlanta holiday 1

Can’t say holiday without Thanksgiving! There was a plethora of breathtaking Thanksgiving decor with pumpkins galore.

Do tell: What is your favorite part of the above Atlanta Market trends?

Looks We Love: Celebrity Living Rooms

Since we had so much fun with the last Looks We Love kitchen edition…we are keeping this going! We spend a good amount of time on Pinterest for design inspiration, recipe ideas and crafts for the girls. Pinterest also has a LOT of celebrity homes that we’ve been stalking.

Let’s talk a look at our favorite celebrity living rooms…

Looks We Love Living Rooms

Reese Witherspoon‘s living room has a beautiful rustic feel with the exposed beams and high ceilings. This is one of our very favorites because it’s similar to a Lauren Nicole Designs must-have: livable luxe.

celebrity living rooms reesessource

Jessica Simpson keeps her living room light, airy and fresh with the neutral colors. We also love the fresh flowers on the mantle. It’s a great way to bring the outside-in!


Carrie Underwood’s living room looks like we’d imagine it to! It has a country/Southern feel without being over the top. Our favorite parts? The floor to ceiling draperies and the iron chandelier.

carrie underwoodsource

Of course Brooke Shields keeps it classy. We just love her! Always have, always will. Her living room has a whimsical feel that at the same time feels classy. The wall color and art above the mantle stole our hearts!


Jessica Alba‘s living room is beautifully balanced and luxurious with lots of interesting elements. We think this sitting area would spark conversation really well.

main.original.980x550 jessicasource

Do tell: what is your favorite celebrity living room?


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