Mother’s Day Gift Ideas and a Giveaway

Mother’s Day is right around the corner! That means: it’s time to start thinking of a gift to honor your mom (aka spoil her). Our store, Lauren Nicole Home, has a plethora of gift ideas and here are our favorites.

Also: keep reading until the end of this post because there’s a sweet giveaway!

Mothers 5

Lauren Nicole Home does have lots of home accessories, but we also carry these fun and Springy tunics. They are comfortable and light–perfect for a Mom on the go. If you are extra thankful this year, pair it with this chunky blue necklace and cross-body purse.

Mothers 4

Want to give your Mom a spa-like package? Then try this Tonka Noir line…we’ve got luxurious hand cream, soap, body lotion and candles. The scent is a combination of juicy mandarin, rose essence and night-blooming jasmine blend with inky tonka bean, salted musk, creamy sandalwood and smoky Madagascar vanilla. Perfection if you ask us!

Mothers 1

We also love pairing these Vintage Home Studio kitchen towels with a coordinating candle. These scents are light and bright and perfect for her kitchen.

Mothers 2

One of our favorite products: The Greenleaf Classic Linen Home Fragrance collection. Y’all, this Classic Linen scent is a fresh fragrance of air and clean water, wrapped with sweet floral and balsamic notes. Give your mom a gift basket full of these good smells: envelope sachets, room spray, linen spray, vent clips and candles.

In fact, the Greenleaf Classic Linen Home Fragrance collection is what we are giving away!

Giveaway Time!

In order to enter our giveaway:

  1. Please comment below this post and answer the question: What are you giving your Mom this Mothers Day? OR What did/does your Mom mean to you?
  2. To be entered in twice, follow Lauren Nicole Designs on Facebook and share our status about this giveaway. You will have double the chance! So don’t miss it.

We will ship anywhere in the United States and it’ll get to you in time for Mother’s Day, so please enter in! Giveaway ends Monday, April 27.


Ask a Designer Series: Bar Stools and Round Tables

When we told you last week we were starting a new series, Ask a Designer, we had NO idea how many questions you had! This is a good thing and definitely makes us excited. We are going to choose 2 questions to break down for each post.

Remember, you can always ask more: email or simply comment below.

Ask a Designer

Bar Stools

Question: I have an extra tall bar and have had the hardest time finding affordable barstools that are 34-36 inches. Any suggestions on where to look for some that are affordable and also aren’t overwhelming in size. -Melissa

Bar Stools

Hi Melissa! I would focus your search on a stool that is adjustable. Usually these are more sleek in style so they should not be too bulky or overwhelming in size like you seem to be finding. And they should adjust up to your desired height. I would be happy to send you a few options if you can please let me know your style and budget preferences.

Round Dining Tables

Question: When working with a large round dining room table, do I want the rug to fit the room ( rectangular) or round like the table? – Elette
Hi Elette! Excellent question! When you have a round dining table, the best rug plan would be to go either round or square. Your rug should anchor and highlight your table and either of these shapes will make more sense with a round table compared to a rectangular rug. Also, you would most likely have an issue in that your chairs on the shorter side of the rug would not remain on the rug when you pulled them out… important rule to try and never break! And then of course you’d have the excess on the long ends of the rug. And if you have a large enough space I love a square rug under a round table as it sets it off better but the round rug works as well. Whatever you do remember to aim to keep all chairs on the rug when pulled out. Please send in pics and any further questions!


Stay tuned for the next round of Ask-a-Designer questions! Please comment below or email to submit a question.

Brunchin’ with Monkey Bread

Yes, I actually cooked. Those of you who know me personally know that I do not spend much time in the kitchen. However, with some encouraging, I decided to try a fun and EASY brunch recipe last week. Major perk: it was delicious and I was super proud of myself.

The quote of the day came from my daughter, Finley. While I was stirring the pot, she said: “Mom, you are baking????” :) Kids are so honest, am I right?

Mom, Finley and I had a fun time in the kitchen and now, I may just have to spend more time baking. This Monkey Bread was delicious and lasted only a couple of days in my house. It is a great and foolproof brunch recipe that can be assembled the night before and popped in the oven in the morning. Easy peasy!


First, you melt some butter and stir in brown sugar. Finley’s favorite part is stirring. This was a perfect job for her!


Then, I quartered biscuits. Yes, those delicious biscuits you find in the refrigerated section of grocery store.


Another fun part for Finley: place the biscuits in a ziploc bag that has sugar and cinnamon. Toss the biscuits and coat them in the cinnamon-sugar mixture.


Place the coated biscuit pieces in a greased bundt or tube pan.


If you like raisins, toss those on top! Or you can do pecans or walnuts.


Lastly, pour the butter and brown sugar mixture on top of biscuit pieces.


Place in 350 degree oven for 30 minutes and prepare for deliciousness!


Viola: Look how beautiful the monkey bread turned out!

Monkey Bread Recipe

  • 1/2 cup granulated sugar
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 3/4 cup butter, melted
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • 2 cans Pillsbury Homestyle biscuits
  • 1/2 cup raisins
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees and grease bundt pan.
  2. Combine melted butter and brown sugar and set aside.
  3. In a large ziploc bag, combine granulated sugar and cinnamon.
  4. Separate dough into 16 pieces and cut each piece into quarters.
  5. Shake in ziploc bag to coat the dough pieces.
  6. Place pieces in bundt pan and then sprinkle raisins on top. Pour butter/brown sugar mixture over the top of biscuit pieces.
  7. Bake for 28 to 32 minutes or until golden brown.
  8. Let cool for 10 minutes and then invert the bundt pan. DIG IN!

Do tell: what is your favorite brunch recipe?


Spring High Point Market Trends

Whew! It’s crazy that High Point Market is already here. Mom, Madison and I got to Market a day early, Friday, to scope out all the latest trends. But first: selfie time.



While at Market, we noticed 3 trends:

  1. Metallic
  2. All About That Base (sing it!)
  3. Pops of Color

Let’s break down each one and show you some of our favorite finds!

First off: metallic.

We are loving this metallic trend. Manufacturers are doing this in understated ways with a faint snakeskin metallic finish OR showstopping in a full-on metallic console table or credenza.



Now, let’s chat about bases.

We saw lots of beautiful tables but what really caught our attention was the base of these tables. Everywhere we looked: the bases were different. Some were more modern, some were ornate and some were metallic. Lots of choices that made our heart sing!

Base 1

Base 3 Base 2

Base 6

Base 5

Base 4

Finally, we’ve got color.

Y’all know we don’t shy away from color. Turquoise and Navy are both still the color stars. However, we are starting to see the reintroduction of green in many different shades, like in the sofa pillows pictured above. And melon played a starring role in several pieces that we absolutely adored.

Color 3

Color 2

Color 1

Color 5

color 4

Whether it’s during market or any day of the week, we are constantly spotting the new and lasting trends to bring to you.


Around Our Store: Vintage Inspired Finds

How are y’all doing today?  We are doing well and gearing up for Spring High Point Furniture Market this weekend.  Be expecting lots of fun updates on our Instagram and Facebook.  Make sure you are following us!

Let’s chat about the latest and greatest at Lauren Nicole Home this week.  We love any and everything vintage, so this week:  it’s all about vintage inspired finds.

Why don’t we start with this vintage wire utensil holder?  It is perfect for Spring  & Summertime picnics and it even spins!  It can also be used to hold pens, pencils, or even makeup brushes.  Great price of $19.00. Vintage 6

Our current favorite item in the store:  these willow wrapped storage jars.  They are just so beautiful!  They range from $55.00 to $79.00, depending on size.

Vintage 5

We’ve also got this vintage and rustic French bakery art.  This would be super cute in a kitchen or breakfast area.  It measures 24″ wide by 33″ tall for $89.00.

Vintage 4

This server makes us want to skip work and go to an afternoon tea!  Who is with us?!  It’s 2 tiered with glass plates for $88.00.

Vintage 3

Vintage paper straws–a pack of 25 is only $5.00.  These hobnail mason jars will be perfect for summertime sweet tea and lemonade and are $10.00 and $11.00, depending on size.

Vintage 2

And last but certainly not least, this antique mirror is such a showstopper.  It’s 30″ wide by 52″ tall and is $325.00.

Vintage 1

We’ve got LOTS more at Lauren Nicole Home and would love to help!  If you need more information on any of these fun finds or would like us to ship to you, please email us at or call at 877.583.0355.

My 702 Park Project Interview

Hey y’all! Today I am lucky enough to be featured on the amazing Sarah’s blog: 702 Park Project.

We did a fun interview and I’d love for you to take a look. Click this LINK to check it out.

While you are there, check out her blog because she is definitely one of our favorites! We love following her journey in restoring their beautiful home: a 1902 American Foursquare.



A Day in My Life: Lauren

I thought it would be fun to give you a quick peek inside my day. Every day is extremely different but they have one theme: I have long but rewarding days!

My day starts the night before by laying out my clothes for the next day. It helps me get going in the morning. In reality, I know how late I work and how tired I already am for the morning to think straight. I know my strengths and weaknesses, people. :)

Day 2

The morning: My outfit worked!

Day 15I made the girls breakfast. They are on a major fruit kick at the moment and that makes this mama happy.

Day 3

Of course I have to feed our dogs too. Here is Clover waiting patiently for his breakfast. He is such a good puppy.

Day 9Somewhere in between eating and feeding, I had to throw some laundry in the dryer for me to put away later in the day.

Day 10

Finally ate my breakfasts of champions: a protein bar, banana and coffee.

Day 4

I then had a doctor’s appointment for an eye exam. Looks like I need glasses! I decided on these.

Day 5

Lunch time! Bahn Thai fried rice with chicken and my signature beverage: 1/2 sweet tea and 1/2 unsweetened tea.

Day 6

In between lunch and running around, Mom and I put together a few design boards for clients.

Day 14

Emails, emails, emails. Does anyone else feel their inbox is never ending? It’s a good problem to have.

Day 7

This is me trying to decide which pieces go on which design boards.

Day 8

Meeting time! This is the back of my car after 2 client meetings.

Day 11

On my way home from these meetings: a quick dinner (and a broken thumbnail).

Day 12

Once I walked in the door, I got an update from my handyman on a cool dining room molding project.

Day 13

This is how my day ends almost every day: laptop work, a comfy and cute throw, Clover snoozing near me and a glass of red wine.

Day 1 The highlight of my day is always coming home to my family!

Family Pic

What’s the highlight of your day?

Fashion Friday: Navy Chic

Welcome to another Fashion Friday! We love chatting about how interior design and fashion completely overlap and complement each other. Today we are talking about one of our favorite colors.

Something we cannot get enough of:  n.a.v.y.

Navy Design

We love to wear it and to design with it! One of our clients is also a huge fan of navy, so we were excited to make it the star in this sitting room. Navy is a great neutral and pairs well with many colors….here, we chose to keep it nautical and paired it with ivory and a hint of coral and used a rich wood finish on the jenny chairs. Navy is also a gender neutral color so this scheme is perfect for a guest sitting room so that anyone who comes to stay at this lake house will be pleased with their surroundings. We just love how this room embodies southern, simple, and lake-side chic.

Navy Fashion

As far as fashion:  navy is one of the most flattering colors on all skin tones. It doesn’t have the harsh undertones that black can sometimes have.  And navy also brings out the natural golden hues of our skin. Since I haven’t had much time to lay around by the pool: this is a winner in my book!  We love the look of this navy, nautical outfit for many reasons.  First of all: the striped shirt with the golden yellow tote makes our heart flutter.  Stripes do that to us!  Additionally, I would rock this look because it is comfy-chic and can go from dropping Campbell and Finley off at school, to Lauren Nicole Home, to measuring a clients home and back to a date night with my husband!

Tell us: Do you like navy as much as we do?

Around Our Store: Spring Entertaining Essentials

Our favorite time to entertain in our homes: SPRING! We just love all of the bright colors and cute patterns. It inspires us to have people over and set a beautiful table-scape. What about you?

Thankfully, Lauren Nicole Home has a ton of spring entertaining essentials and we’ve taken a few photos of our favorites. Check it out, y’all!

Around LND 1Can we talk about how cute and cheery this table-scape could be? The blue and teal patterns make our heart skip a beat. We think this would be a really cute setting for a Spring dinner party.

Around LND 5Who wouldn’t want to drink Sangria or Sweet Tea out of this drink dispenser? We are partial to Sangria of course. :)  $46.00Around LND 4

AND you have to continue the sassy factor by sipping your drink with these playful, on trend color, paper straws.  $5/pk of 25


These navy patterned trays make us smile. We imagine serving appetizers on these and bringing them outdoors for the party-goers. Who wouldn’t want to eat off these? Price $49 small, $59 medium and $69 large.

CupcakeThe entire Lauren Nicole team are dessert lovers in every way! These dessert plates will make the perfect serving dish for our favorite cupcakes (we prefer anything Chocolate, if you must know). $40 for a set of 4 and they are gift boxed.

Cupcake 2

Last, but certainly not least, the sweetest cupcake stands! They are the absolute perfect size to serve 1 cupcake. I know my girls, Campbell and Finley, would love these.  $7 each

Remember, if you mention our blog: you will get 10% off any Lauren Nicole Home merchandise.

We’ve got LOTS more at  Lauren Nicole Home and would love to help! If you need more information on any of these fun finds or would like us to ship to you, please email us at or call at 877.583.0355.

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