Decor is in the Details

Wondering how to get the most impact out of a small room in your home? Whether it’s a powder room, window seat, or in this week’s client install, a guest bathroom, every single detail matters! This bathroom is super small but with a few swaps and fixtures, you only notice the beauty of this space.

First things, first. There isn’t a single splash of color here! The all black and white decor might seem scary and boring but it works because we mixed textures and prints to keep it interesting.

unnamed (28)

Say goodbye to a boring bathroom vanity! Gone are the days of one-dimensional plate-glass mirrors. Instead, opt for a decorative piece with a different shape. This vanity mirror is different because of its round shape and metallic finish. The unique shape even brings out the pattern of the roman shade over the window.

unnamed (29)

unnamed (25)

Also gone are the days of standard track lighting. Notice the two sconces on either side of the round mirror. The accent lighting in the bathroom is perfect for us ladies as we apply our makeup and get ready in the mornings. What you can’t see in these photos is the recessed lights in the ceiling for added brightness.

unnamed (27)

An easy and simple way to add a feminine touch is to switch the standard cabinet knobs with something fun. I just love the crystal knobs we used here!

unnamed (30)

How gorgeous is this tile work! The black and white style screams retro chic. We brought the tile out of the shower and extended it to the bathroom door. By using the same pattern from wall-to-wall the rooms appears so much larger!

Like What You See?

Share this with someone who’s thinking about updating their bathroom or if you find these tips helpful! You can also contact me for advice and help with your next interior design project or renovation.

Accessorizing with Artwork

So they say bigger is always better, right? My design opinion is 100 percent dependent upon the space you’re decorating. This week’s challenge was accessorizing a family’s living room with a lot of blank wall space and extremely tall ceilings and mantel.


We obviously needed a large, tall piece of art to fill the white space on the wall. I love the earthy tones of taupe and robin’s egg blue! It brings more color into the space without over doing it. After all, this is the family’s second home and relaxation is the theme here.

unnamed (17)

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this mantel. (The Christmas decor might look familiar from our Lila Home Designs store.) As you can see, it’s a beautifully built room but needs a little more drama!

unnamed (20)

unnamed (19)

Oh, are you wondering what that very large black thing is in the living room floor? The owner of this gorgeous home hunts wild game all over the world as his hobby! Working with these exotic animals staring at you and incorporating them into the design posed a fun challenge.

Your Thoughts?

Should we mount the painting or leave it leaning against the wall?  Share your opinion and we will mention your name on Facebook when the design is complete!

Family Playroom Redesignd

I’m so excited to share today’s blog because it’s all about the latest weekend project at my home! As my girls get older we’ve changed their bedroom decor to a “big girl” space and have now transformed our bonus room into the perfect big girl playroom where they can grow and enjoy it for many years to come.

unnamed (1)

One of my favorite things about this space is the elevated white stage we previously installed. It’s a fun place for the girls to put on a play or dance performance. The first install was hanging the fuchsia draperies behind the stage. It pairs perfectly with all of the pink and purple toys we have going on and adds a nice touch to finish that corner of the room.


The girl’s favorite pastime is to draw and color their latest masterpiece. Next on the list was to find a unique and practical way to display their artwork since we are running out of space on the refrigerator door! I decided to hang sheet metal on two sections of the bonus room wall that are at a perfect height for the girls – one side for Finley and one for Campbell. It’s so easy to do! Pay a visit to your local hardware store, pick up a few magnets and you’re good to go!

unnamed (2)

unnamed (7)

unnamed (5)

I’m sure a lot of you can relate to not knowing exactly what to hang on those big, empty bonus room walls. I have so many framed photos of the girls and decided a gallery wall would be a great solution and keep this room all about family.

unnamed (4)

No need to be afraid of a little mixing and matching! Believe it or not, the key to a beautiful photo gallery wall is to let go of the need for perfection. Use both horizontal and vertical photos to keep it interesting. I even decided to mix photo frames with canvas prints. A life-saving tip for both your patience and wall – lay out the photos on the floor or dining room table before hanging them. This cuts down on the number of holes you put in the wall.

unnamed (3)

unnamed (6)

unnamed (8)

unnamed (9)

To see the full walk through of our new bonus room with a special appearance from Finley and Campbell, visit my channel on The Design Network! Comment and subscribe to my channel to enter a drawing for a Corkcicle  giveaway from Lila Home Designs. We’ll conduct a drawing later this month!

Home Decor Installs Galore

Is it Friday already? This week has flown by with several client installs to prepare for and I’m excited to share photos of the finished results!


Neutral chair with nail head trim. An arm chair with a classic shape and minimal print.


I just love this light and inviting family room! Round coffee tables are a great solution to smaller rooms because they’re easy to move around. The plush sectional is ready for family movie night.


Garden stools are a fun way to modernize a traditional space, especially  with the touch of bronze! Everyone need a touch of metallic in their home, right?


Keeping with the same theme as the family room, the sitting room is perfect for conversation around this gorgeous mirrored coffee table.



Too pretty for words! What a sleek chair that will hold its style for many years to come.

Which is your favorite room? Comment below and share on your Facebook!

How to Make Neutral Pop

Neutral color palettes can be anything but boring! If you desire a look that’s timeless without any of the fuss, follow these tips on how to make a neutral palette transform any room in your home. What I love about this room is how crisp and fresh it looks with clean lines of white, ivory and cream! One of the biggest tricks to pulling off this look is texture!!


Hello gorgeous zebra chairs! Not only do they visually add texture to the room, the chairs feel very rich as well. The zebra upholstery fabric chosen for the chairs is made from a cotton and shaneel blend.  The draperies that surround the beautiful double door windows also have a lot of visual texture to them. It blends with the chairs perfectly due to the same ivory and cream found in both.


There is always a need for at least a small pop of color in a neutral room. We brought in small pieces of greenery to dress up the built in shelving. You can never go wrong with some preserved boxwood.

Throw in touches of metallic for even more pizzazz! Don’t be afraid to mix your metals. This room perfectly combines touches of silver and gold in the drapery poles. Metallic accessories are a fun way to modernize the all-neutral room.


You won’t believe the transformation this room made until you see the before photos.



Don’t forget to VOTE for this LND room and one other, found below, in the HGTV Fresh Faces of Design contest! Voting ends tomorrow, December 11. You can win too by registering in the $10,000 cash prize giveaway!

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You’ve seen my designer kitties in recent posts as they “help” decorate for Christmas. Actually, it was more like play with, sit on or wrestle anything they could get their little paws on! I couldn’t resist dedicating a post to my fur babies to give you a great laugh at their mischievous behavior.

The kitten you see in our Christmas tree is Elsa. Yes, as in Elsa from the Disney movie “Frozen!” She has adopted our 12 foot Christmas tree as her personal jungle gym. No ornaments or twinkle lights are safe with her around! Elsa has even been known to climb to the very top of the Christmas tree like there is a spiral staircase inside.

Our other kitty, Olivia, doesn’t care too much about climbing the massive tree. She’d much rather put her playfulness to use helping mom wrap the girl’s Christmas presents. AKA, chasing the scissors as I cut the wrapping paper and lying on top of the paper as she takes a bath! Let’s just say I’m anxiously awaiting to see if Elsa and Olivia are on Santa’s naughty or nice list this year!

My friend Julie from Toronto, Canada shared with us this hilarious picture of her Labradooble, Norman. Looks like he had a ball with his Christmas tree too! How could you be mad at that sweet face? Comment and share pictures of your pets getting in the Christmas spirit on our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram, @laurennicoledesigns! 


And the 2015 Color of the Year is…Marsala!

Marsala. Your mind might jump to a plate of delicious Italian food or a hearty glass of red wine. This is what most think of. In my designer mind Marsala means rich, earthy tones that add warmth to home decor. Although, at first I wasn’t exactly jumping for joy over this color choice, probably like most of you. After pairing Marsala with different textures and patterns I’m now riding this trendy train through 2015.


These rich linen fabrics perfectly compliment the earthy tones of Marsala. It’s best to use Marsala as an accent color with little touches here and there. The dark color may tend to look more masculine so pair it with a floral print like the top right swatch. If you’re thinking about adding some color to your walls, like our paint sample from Benjamin Moore, the swatch on the left would be a perfect drapery selection to pair with it.

Visit my page on The Design Network  to see other fun options of how to incorporate Marsala into your home.


Love it or lose it? Message or comment with your opinion of the 2015 color pick!

Pin of the Week – Bringing the Outdoors, Indoor

Pin of the week

The cold weather has arrived, keeping many of us inside wishing we could enjoy the beauty of the winter season. Sunrooms are the perfect solution which allow us to appreciate the outdoors without giving up the comforts of home. If you’re looking to update your sunroom or even start from scratch, check out our Pin of the Week!

 Get the Look

The colors imitate what’s found in nature. You see different shade of brown, tan and plenty of green, of course! These colors are also used  in the draperies. They are kept very light and neutral with a leaf pattern. Also notice the panel drapes are kept very minimal on short poles to allow as much natural lighting as possible and to keep the view wide open. Keeping with the theme, we added some lush greenery for accessories. For our furniture selection, we chose a low back sofa which perfectly hugs the windows to allows guests a first row seat at the view. What you can’t see from the photo is the family’s large kitchen adjacent to the sunroom. Since these two rooms feed into one another, we chose swivel chairs closest to the kitchen. Guests can see both outside through the spacious sunroom windows or turn to be part of the conversation in the other room!

Inside My Home for the Holidays

Welcome, December! It really is the most wonderful time of year. Christmas officially began in our home as soon as the Thanksgiving dishes were cleaned and put away. After decorating a few of our client’s homes for the holidays, I couldn’t wait to decorate our home for Christmas! Here is an inside look at what we’ve accomplished over the holiday weekend!



10155851_582824341819312_1615925702288097495_n  10805729_582469798521433_4577961626899620447_n



10686699_582843908484022_4221607788400613278_n  10475454_582846401817106_1201872056802425614_n







Like any of the decor you see? Head over to Lila Home Designs to order and add some Christmas spirit to your home or gift to someone on your list!

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Ready, set, VOTE! With Thanksgiving past, I am so thankful for many things. This month I am especially thankful to my amazing clients for allowing Lauren Nicole Designs to flourish! As you’re enjoying family time hanging around the house or possibly waiting in those very long Black Friday lines (best of luck to you), please take one minute of your time to vote for me in the HGTV Fresh Faces of Design contest!

Voting 101

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Voting ends on December 11!!

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