Our New Series, Design 101

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That’s a wrap! I am so excited to announce that filming for our new series on The Design Network is complete. Design 101 is a fun and upbeat show which gives an inside look into tricks of the interior design trade! Wondering how to properly accessorize a bed that matches the work of a designer? Looking for smarter ways to design a kid-friendly space that can grow with your child? Lauren Nicole Designs partners with Lila Home Designs to answer these questions along with many other design dilemmas in a 5-episode web series.

We are pleased to offer “non-designers” the advice and tools to create a beautiful and functional space with a few simple tips. Design 101 is expected to launch in February 2015. If you want to be among the first to see our show, be sure to subscribe to my channel on The Design Network!

Behind the Filming of Design 101

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 We has a blast filming the show and can’t wait to share it with you awesome fans!

The Decorator’s Dictionary F – H


Faux Iron – Imitates the look of wrought iron but made from durable wood composite material. Is suitable for both indoor and outdoor and lends itself to custom intricate designs.


Finial – A decorative finish hardware of any material, used to cap drapery rods, newel posts, furnishings; used as a crowning ornament for furniture/ architecture


Fresco – A painting done rapidly in watercolor on wet plaster so that the colors penetrate the plaster and become fixed as it dries. This can be applied to walls, ceilings and panels.



Gate Work – A type of pattern found on bedding, drapery and upholstery fabric. It has a soft contemporary and modern feel with its scrollwork pattern.


Gilding – The process of applying gold leaf or paint. Perfect for adding interest and dimension to a painted piece. We love using this technique on top of Amy Howard chalk paint, sold at Lila Home Designs!


Greige – The perfect combo of beige and gray! A neutral that works well as a base for any color palette. (One of my personal favorites as my desk color in Virginia!)



Herringbone – A distinctive V-shaped weaving pattern usually found in twill fabric, distinguished from chevron by the broken zigzag.


Hue – A color or shade. Hue can also be described as gradation or variety of a color or tint.


Hurricane – A larger, decorative candle holder which protects the flame. My favorite are the amber mercury glass hurricanes.


The Decorator’s Dictionary C – E


Chaise Lounge – An upholstered chair of sofa, with or without arms, for reclining. Great for relaxing, these look great in a library space of dressing room.

L Clement (30 of 51)

Chevron – A modern print with a retro flare. This print is made of repeated inverted V’s. When used in moderation. touches of chevron can easily update the look of  a room.


Chinoiserie – A french term that means “Chinese in taste.” Chinese inspired decor can be tricky to incorporate with other styles but well worth the effort. This trend is making a huge comeback in blue and white ceramic pieces. Chinoiserie is also used in fabrics, wall paper, and types of furniture.




Damask – A woven fabric with a pattern visible on both sides. Damask is a higher-quality look and is typically used on upholstery fabric, like these chairs below.


Drapery – The proper term for “curtains.” Draperies are customized window covering which can be done in a variety of ways. Large folds of lined fabric hung from a rod on either side of a window. These look the best when pleated and hung with tiny weights at the bottom to keep their shape.

L Clement (23 of 51)

Duvet – A plush quilt filled with down or feathers. Duvets are used as bedding in place of blankets and go inside of a duvet cover.

master bedroom interior design charlotte nc


Embossed – Raised, ornament work impressed on a surface to create a 3D-like design.


Etagere – A decorative piece of furniture with a number of open shelves for displaying all types of ornaments.


Euro Sham – A large, square shape pillow that sits back against the headboard and serves as a backdrop for the smaller standard pillow shams. Two Euro shams are needed for a queen-sized bed and three are used for a king-sized bed.

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 Stay tuned for more from the Decorator’s Dictionary!

Intern Anna’s Week in Review

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Everyone, say “hello” to Anna! She is a multi-talented, artistic 15-year old with an interest in all things creative.

We first met Anna last spring while designing her family’s dining room. That job quickly turned into pulling together some window treatments and lighting fixtures for Anna’s bedroom. We are so delighted to have had Anna here with us for the week shadowing our team in the world of interior design.

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unnamed (52)

Anna’s week began with designing our “Look of the Month” inspiration board to display in our retail store, Lila Home Designs. She did an amazing job of picking the perfect mix of fabrics and furniture for a stylish family room.

unnamed (53)

Anna picked a busy week to shadow Lauren Nicole Designs. She was able to see first-hand what it takes to pull off a home decor photo shoot for Today’s Charlotte Woman! She enjoyed trying her hand at home staging for the shoot by displaying throw pillows, making a king bed just perfectly, and seeing the photos come to life.

dining room interior design charlotte nc

Here’s a sneak peek inside of the home. Stay tuned for the full article from Today’s Charlotte Woman coming in February!

unnamed (55)

unnamed (46)

Throughout the week Anna gained experience in several different aspects of the interior design business. She enjoyed learning about the different types of fabric patterns and textures, window hardware, and even what it’s like to market a business!

Anna’s Style

  • Anna’s favorite color is mint green.
  • Her favorite design style is “girly-glam”, with a love for crystal chandeliers.
  • Playing the guitar, piano, ukulele and clarinet are a few of her musical talents.
  • She enjoys drawing and creating unique pieces of art.
  • She aspires to become a computer animator – so cool!

Come back and intern with us anytime, Anna!

Farm House Chic

0038-Watermarks 1939

Rustic inspired home decor is here to stay. I wanted to share this adorable country inspired home I previously designed because it embodies so many of the currents trends in home decor.

0038-Watermarks 1935

The first thing that pops out in this space is the beautiful combination of the textures of the wood and other materials. The exposed wood beams on the ceiling draws your eye up to make the room appear larger. The deeper wood on the mantel is perfectly balanced by the stone fireplace. What a perfectly natural combo! Using deeper tones like the reclaimed fir console table behind the straw colored linen like sofa really makes the space feel warm and cozy.

It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with horses so the large print above the fireplace makes my heart happy. What a perfect piece to accessorize this rustic-inspired home.

0038-Watermarks 1936

As we saw during our trip to America’s Mart in Atlanta, blue and white decor is also a hot trend of 2015. It’s a crisp and fresh look when paired with the earthy tones here.

0038-Watermarks 199

Here’s a look at a rustic family room located in a beautiful countryside setting. You can spot touches of natural wood in the woven wood shades, the mantel decor and the gorgeous dining table. The blue and red color palette bring in fun pops of color to keep things vibrant.

0038-Watermarks 1914

Can we talk about how amazing the wood sunburst art is!? This alone catches the eye and brings that needed touch of detail. Another trick to pull off this look is to mix in more elegant decor to contrast the natural elements. The mercury glass lamp “glams” things up against the dark and textured wood accent table.

Hop over to my channel on The Design Network to find more quick tips on creating the perfect farm house chic look!

Comment and Share

What is your favorite piece or room? Do you think farm house glam is here to stay?

Striking Gold at the Atlanta Market

It’s our first full week back after a tiresome but rewarding few days at America’s Mart in Atlanta, GA. Much like our trip to market in High Point last fall, we enjoy taking away a refreshed perspective and finding the upcoming trends in the interior design world. One of the most obvious trends at this year’s Atlanta market was gold! Gold was found on everything from furniture, pillows, accessories, bedding, and everything in-between.

What makes gold a hot new trend this season? It’s being used in a variety of ways, not just as an outdated, yellowish sink faucet you might have seen at your grandmother’s house. Gold is meant to bring out the features of a room with tiny touches here and there. If you’re nervous about jumping into this trend too soon, try accenting with a gold picture frame or decorative mirror. Less is always more when using an eye-catching color. Gold also looks beautiful when discretely mixed with other metals. Mixing metals is a trend we believe is here to stay in all seasons.

Here’s a peak at some of our favorite gold market finds!

Market 9

market 10


market 8


market 1

market 4

market 6


market 7

To see more of my thoughts on this trend and other great market finds, be sure to visit my channel on The Design Network.

Comment and share your opinions below. Is this something you’ll try in your home this year and how? I consider your opinions as good as gold!!

The Decorator’s Dictionary A – B

I love sharing my love and knowledge for interior design with others. Welcome to my new blog series,

The Decorator’s Dictionary!


Accessory – The finishing touches in a space. The jewelry of the room. Pieces that can be changed to give a room a new look and feel.  Clement (19 of 1)

Antiquing - To make something resemble an antique by artificial means. This is most popularly done on pieces of furniture, hardware, wood, even mirrors. 


Aqua – A beautiful, greenish shade of blue. This shade is preferred as an accent color to bring happiness to a space.


L Clement (17 of 51) (1)


Bench – A multi-purpose piece of furniture to be used as extra seating, decoration, storage or to simply fill in a blank wall or hallway. Especially fun when used in conjunction with baskets and upholstered cushions. A bench can even sub for chairs at the kitchen table!

slide show42

Basket – A stylish way to organize. Baskets come in a variety of materials. A functional and decorative piece to store different items in your home. 


Bold – To bend the rules of interior design. Take a risk and make a statement. Bold can be a focal point, as in a piece of artwork, or an entire theme for a room, like a dramatic paint color.

0038-Watermarks 194

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Home Year, New Decor, New You

Lauren 26

A fresh mindset is the theme for each new year. To feel fresh and alive in your home is a wonderful quality that will carry over into a positive mindset in life. Mix this theology with the hottest home trends of 2015 and you’re off to a wonderful start.

Home Decor Trends of 2015
  • Infuse elements of nature by adding unexpected pops of greenery. Whether it’s real or faux, a little goes a long way. Fill a vase with green moss balls or anything you can find made of preserved boxwood is always a great idea!
  • Infuse a neutral color palette with pops of bright colors like green, blue, yellow and ivory. These colors instantly add a vibrant look against a more muted color.
  • Choose decor items made from natural elements like sisal, cotton, leather or raw wood. These materials add great dimension to a space.

Lauren 56

Wondering how make your home a reflection of who you are?
  • My favorite trick is to personalize different pieces in my client’s home. We are in the South so monograms are hugely popular! Add your family initial to a cheese platter, napkins, accent pillow or anything else that will stand still.
  • Display family photos in a beautiful decorative frame. Even casual family photos can look professional in a black and white filter.
  • You can also easily create a family photo gallery wall in a hallway or bonus room. See my latest gallery wall project and how-to here.

  10806337_10152990577954824_4596506918201553584_n (1)

 I am so honored to have my room selected as the cover of the first 2015 issue of Lake Norman Currents Magazine! Visit here to check out more of my home decor ideas and trends for the new year or pick up your copy of this awesome magazine while its out.

2015, The Year to Love Your Home


Happy 2015! A new year brings a fresh start and opportunities for enhancement. Lila Home and I have decided that 2015 is the year to love your home! Over the next twelve months we will be bringing you new design tips and ways to rediscover your home’s greatness.

Our first dedication to this year’s mantra is brought to you by the Smiths.


 The Smiths absolutely LOVE their screened-in patio! It provides the comfort of indoors with a beautiful view and fresh air. They get so much enjoyment out of this space and utilize it almost every day. With two boys in the house, ages 3 and 5, the porch is a perfect place for the family to play and enjoy the nature surrounding their home. The boys love spending time on the patio spotting different things in the woods, especially on warmer days.


The layout of this home is so perfect for a young family. The screened-in porch connects to the family room for easy access indoors. The Smiths love to entertain and having options for their guests is really important. Also connected to their screened-in patio is an uncovered deck.


Home entertaining could not be more accommodating! The large dining table is a great option for a little adult entertaining as well as family time. There is plenty of seating for several guests with enough room for a grill or outdoor activities. Here’s a look at their beautiful outdoor decor.



In the Smith’s home, its all about family! In true LND fashion, loving your home is all about letting your personal style define each space. Be sure to stay connected to our channel on The Design Network, Instagram @laurennicoledesigns, FacebookPinterest for more inspiration and ways to love YOUR home.

Happy New Year!

Designing My Dining Room

Another room makeover alert, this time at my home! Like most homes, my dining room is one of the first rooms that you see when you enter through the front door so it’s important to make a design impression right away. Of course, I wanted a formal space for holiday dinners and entertaining but also comfortable enough where we can enjoy time together other than just on holidays.

unnamed (16)

The design inspiration for this space is a “farm house-chic.” A touch of rustic decor mixed with the traditional elements true to most dining rooms. One of the quickest ways to transform a room is by using wallpaper. Yes, wallpaper is used in almost every one of my client’s homes too! No need to mimic your grandmother’s old-timey wall paper. The print used here is minimal and is done in a neutral color, complimenting the area rug perfectly. I’ve thrown in a few before photos to compare.

unnamed (17)

unnamed (11)

I can’t stress enough the importance of proper lighting. The windows in my dining room are shadowed by the front patio so we removed the blinds. (Privacy isn’t really an issue where I live.) This allows more natural light into the dining room coupled with the draperies for added effect equals a happy window. I also swapped the standard fixture for a prettier chandelier, of course.

unnamed (15)

The large, light-wood rod definitely plays into the farm house look. And I just love that the design in the draperies mimics the colors and print of the wallpaper. Here  is a look at more of the room’s accessories.

unnamed (14)

unnamed (13)

And my favorite piece in this space, the french linen canvas with large nail head boarder with an equestrian subject. Y’all know by now that I am a horse person so this being the focal point makes me so happy!

I hope you enjoyed this look into my home and find inspiration for your family’s functional and formal dining room!

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