Fashion Friday: Neutral Charm

It’s that time again: Fashion Friday! This time: I decided to stick to the neutrals and keep it simply classy. In my opinion, neutral is ANYTHING but boring!Fashion Friday Neutral

For my outfit: I wore a linen pencil skirt with white piping and paired it with my favorite white t-shirt. You can never have too many good white t-shirts! When I find a brand that I love, I make sure to buy a few (and in different colors). I topped it off with another one of my staples: a chunky tortoise shell necklace. Finally, I put on a pair of my favorite camel-colored wedges with a brown buckle.

This is a great outfit for Sunday brunch, date night with Chris OR a girl’s wine night out.


For this sun room: my client loves creams, really anything light, neutral and classically elegant. The key to designing a neutral room is to add textures and pattern to create depth and visual interest. If you have a neutral room with all the same color scheme and textures, it will come across bland or cold. Hence why I selected a chair fabric in a neutral ivory and camel color scheme but in a circular pattern, which creates warmth and excitement while still in a neutral color scheme. The rich mocha tweed pillows also warm up the chairs without being an overwhelming pop of color.

The style of these chairs is interesting. Still in the cream , these jenny chairs are an absolute favorite style of mine. The spindle backs, arms and legs adds style to the space while still in a crisp antique white finish.  And of course the beautiful cotton/linen blend embroidered drapery panels in a medium size embroidered diamond pattern are still quiet in color but a loud statement of warmth and softness in this space. They are the icing on this yummy cake! So think about layering your space with varying textures and patterns and different shades of neutral instead of layering with lots of color, if you are going for the nice and neutral look. You can do it!

Lauren 19

Do tell: are you a neutral lover too?

How to Set Your Table for Memorial Day

Memorial Day is so important to us because we are remembering and honoring all the people who served our country.

Ronald Reagan once said “Words are even more feeble on this Memorial Day, for the sight before us is that of a strong and good nation that stands in silence and remembers those who were loved and who, in return, loved their countrymen enough to die for them.”

What are you doing on Memorial Day? We are honoring our heroes by cooking out with family and friends. Right now, our store Lauren Nicole Home has SO many entertaining essentials that can be used for everything from Memorial Day to every-day. We decided to plan ahead (go us!) and set a table for Memorial Day.

Memorial Day

Instead of the usual reds and blues, we decided to play off navy and coral colors. Those colors are easier to incorporate into your everyday table setting. We kept it more beachy themed and love how it turned out.


Tip: Don’t want to go overboard on the navy and white theme? Simply go to your local Dollar Store and pick up small flags and place in vases. We found these cute star flag wands and decided to put them at each person’s place setting. It turned out super cute and was super cheap! :)


We wanted to keep the BBQ theme, so decided against place mats for this particular event. It’s all about the natural beauty of the table shining through. We layered on these navy and white patterned napkins on plain white dinner plates. Place these chic bowls on top and viola!


Tip: It’s okay to mix patterns. It’s GREAT actually! You can go overboard mixing patterns on tablescapes, so try to stick to the same color scheme and style. We mixed the larger scale navy and white pattern with the more delicate bowls and it worked well.


For the centerpiece: we placed this coral bowl containing bright apples (we’ve always got apples laying around the house). On each side of the bowl, we added navy and white striped candle holders to stick with the Memorial Day theme.

Tip: Make sure to have different levels in your centerpiece, this attracts attention to the center of the table and draws the eye up.


Lastly, we couldn’t forget about Mr. Piggie here. We are in LOVE with these pig placecard holders and know we’ll be using the heck out of these!


Do you love this table as much as we do? Well, all of these products are available at Lauren Nicole Home for purchase: the coral bowl, the striped navy and white candleholders, the pig placecard holders, and the patterned napkins and bowls. Give us a call, email or stop in to come visit us!

12206 Copper Way, Suite 128, Charlotte NC  28277


Special thank you to Elette, who let us use her house to play around in! We like to show our readers lots of different styles of design in different homes and she was kind enough to let us have fun in her home.

Do tell: What are your Memorial Day plans?


How to be the Perfect Hostess: The Overnight Guest

We are excited to start a new series called “How to be the Perfect Hostess.”  We will delve into dinner parties, holidays and all things hostess:  but today we are starting with The Overnight Guest.

It’s all about your overnight guest feeling at home, relaxed and comfortable.  Whether hosting family, friends or colleagues, here are several tips that will help make their stay enjoyable (and keep you sane an not stressed out).

How to be the perfect Hostess Overnight

Prepare as much food as you can ahead of time.

And have lots of it.  The less time you spend running around in the kitchen, the more you can enjoy spending time with your guests.  Choose meals that are easy to throw together and that can be reheated.  For breakfast: put out a wide variety of cereals, bagels and muffins the night before, so that if guests are early risers: they won’t be rummaging through your kitchen looking for food. For lunch: we love to get a sandwich platter from our local bistro and toss in a quick salad.  That way, our guests have a variety to choose from.  Dinner time can be as simple as going out to eat OR heating up an already made Tomato Pie and Chicken Pot Pie that you made the day before.  Easy peasy!

Additional tip: make sure your bar is stocked! :)

Make plans for your guests.

No one wants to visit and just watch tv all day.  Plan a shopping trip, a day at the pool, an amusement park outing.  This doesn’t mean you need to have an itinerary for them when they arrive, just offer options that take up a couple of hours and brings fun to the entire group.Clement (11 of 124)

Establish a welcoming guest bedroom.

Fluffy pillows, clean sheets and extra blankets are all musts!  To make your guests feel like it’s a vacation, provide them with a small assortment of current magazines.  This way, your early rising guests or late nighters have something to read when everyone else is snoozing. Additionally, make sure to have a few water bottles and granola bars in their room for an extra nibble.  And since today almost everyone travels with a cell phone or computer, leave a welcome to our home note that includes your wi-fi password.

Create a “hotel chic” bathroom.

Don’t use your dingy towels that are used every day by you and/or your kids.  Make sure you have a full set of “guest towels” that are newer and used only for overnight guests.  That way, the towels will stay fresh and beautiful.  Make sure to lay out toiletries (we use a pretty woven basket on the counter) and have an assortment of the essentials:  shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hair spray, Q-tips, etc.

Clement (89 of 124)-1

Remember the kids.

If your guests include kiddos, make sure they feel welcome too! Since Finley and Campbell have lots of board games and fun activities around the house, this is pretty easy for me. However, I also make sure to have a babysitter on call just in case we want to go out to eat kid-free for the night. Either way, it’s good to have options for your guests.

So, there you have it!

Do tell: what are some of your tips for accommodating overnight guests?


Design 101 on The Design Network: Bedroom Pillows

Design 101 Show Graphic

Episode 3 of Design 101 is NOW on The Design Network and this time it’s all about chic bedroom pillows and the impact they can make in your bedroom!

Pile on the pillows! Euro shams, king shams, sleeping pillows, accent pillows, neck rolls: which is which, and where do they all go? We teach you how to dress your beds with complementary linens and pillows, and turn you into bedroom perfectionists! :)

Check out the episode HERE. Make sure to come back and let us know what you think!



Trend: Mixing Dark and Light Wood

Mixing Dark and Light WoodOne trend we noticed at Spring High Point Market was the mixing of light and dark wood in both furniture pieces and in room designs. And guess what?! We love this look!

One of our favorite showroom is always Gabby and this year did not disappoint. Gabby is known for their transitional and eclectic lighting and furniture. We loved how they combined different woods and materials in their room scenes. Take a look below for our inspiration.

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 10.14.14 AM

(source for both)

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 10.14.00 AM

We also found this beautiful image of a foyer with the darker wood floors and light wood chairs. This works so beautifully because everything is complementary and similar light tones. Click here for the image source.

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 10.21.22 AM

We’ve been loving this aesthetic for many years because we love a look that’s not “matchy-matchy.” I pulled some of my favorite room designs where this was incorporated. See below for 2 kitchens and 1 great room that involves multiple wood finishes in each room.


Lauren 6134


Here’s what you need to know when mixing light and dark wood:

  • Keep the style similar. For example: if you have a curvy and ornate dresser, do not mix that with a modern/contemporary nightstand that is streamlined. The different colors of wood and the different styles will compete with each other.
  • Remember texture. Especially in lighter wood pieces, look for texture. The textured pieces in a lighter color will make them seem darker and complement the darker wood in the other pieces.
  • Choose accessories that connect. For example: on a lighter coffee table, place a bronzy colored bowl with moss ball on top. The darker bowl will bring out the elements in the darker pieces. You need elements that connect them all.


What do you think of mixing different colored woods in a room? We’d love to know!


A Piano Room Transformation: Before and After

A Piano Room Transformation

I love a good transformation, don’t you? I think we all do!

Here’s the back story…

My client worked out of this space with her team, consisting of her brother and two daughters. Like most things, it worked for a little while. But then she realized she missed using this room to entertaining her guests and just to relax by herself. The lighting is so beautiful and she wanted to utilize this room in a way that showcased that. IMG_3022

Therefore, enter the Lauren Nicole team and VIOLA! As you can see from the image above, those shelves were used to house work-related items. We decided to change the shelves up a bit with bigger shelves and insert beautiful bright and light accessories to keep the space open and airy. Lauren Nicole Home (aka MOM) helped tremendously in filling in these shelves. What a difference accessorizing your space makes! Right?

Lauren 8-1

Lauren 11

 Tell us, what do you think of this transformation?

How To: Stay Organized

How To Stay Organized

We live in a crazy world that constantly has us going, going, going and staying “on.” For me: I am first and foremost a Mom to 2 busy and active girls, a wife, an interior designer and a business owner of my design business and store!

Needless to say, if I do not stay organized: things can get missed. One of the keys for me in my businesses is to stay organized–both my potential clients and continual clients greatly appreciate that. We are all busy, right?

So, how do I do it? Here are my TOP 3 tips:

Share It!

Most days involve me going from client, to the store, to pick up the girls for soccer practice, back to a client meeting and etc. Therefore, I need to have my husband, colleagues and family all know my schedule so they can know where to find me. I keep a Google Calendar that is shared between all of us. That way: my husband will know where I am and that I’m the one picking up the girls this time. Also, the girls at the store will know when I’ll be coming in or if I have a client meeting first thing. It’s just good for everyone to be in the know!

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 1.43.13 PMAdditionally, Google Calendar sends you reminders so you can make sure you won’t forget! AND it’s super easy to read from your phone when you are on-the-go.

My husband and I get together every Sunday night for our weekly “calendar meeting.” We discuss what’s happening with the week ahead and make sure we’re on the same page.

Make Sure You Can See It

I keep a large wall calendar for the girls near where everyone comes in and out at our house. This is just a weekly calendar that I update on Sundays. It lets the girls go and check it out and see what their plans are for a particular day. They love it!

This wall calendar was really easy to make. I simply used chalkboard paper that adheres to the wall. I installed it myself in about 30 minutes! When the week is over, I just wipe it down and write the next week. Easy peasy!


Write it down A.S.A.P.

When I have an appointment come up: I schedule it immediately in my Google Calendar and/or phone. That way, there is no way I will miss it. It doesn’t matter where I am (other than driving): I schedule it right that moment to make sure it all coincides with the rest of my schedule.

There you have it, my 3 easy tips on how to stay organized!

How do you stay organized? Do tell!

Design 101 on The Design Network: Chic Master Bath


Design 101 Show Graphic

We’re so excited that you enjoyed our premiere episode of Design 101 last week! It was all about my daughter’s bedroom and how to achieve a kid’s room that is both nice AND fun for them.

Episode 2 of Design 101 is on The Design Network right now! We’re debuting our latest episode all about this chic master bath. Our clients wanted their bathroom to feel like a resort and it’s right on the money!

Clement (45 of 54)-1

We actually go in the tub during the shooting of this episode. Come on, it’s all in the name of show business, right?! :)

Chic Master Bath 3Chic Master Bath 1

In this episode we give you lots of informational tips and teach you how to achieve a resort-like bathroom (what we call “Hotel Chic”). Watch our latest episode by clicking HERE.

Come back and let us know how you like it!




Fashion Friday: Pink Paradise

Fashion Friday Pink

Happy Friday! We are long overdue for a Fashion Friday post. So, let’s get this party started! I love connecting interior design with fashion because it’s so fun to play off each other. When I was looking for a room to mimic in my fashion: how could I turn down this AMAZING pink dining room?!


My outfit featured my favorite pink skinny jeans paired with a simple white tank. Layers are my friend because I am constantly cold, so adding this soft flowy cardigan works really well for me. Additionally, I sassed it up and veered away from my usual ballet flats for these cute espadrille wedges. Finally, I added the layered necklaces to add some sparkle into the mix.

Lauren 53

Now, let’s talk about this showstopping dining room. My client loves all things pink, so a pink ceiling was a must! And just like the rest of my outfit I kept the other elements of this room more neutral. While the rug and the wallpaper are both exciting with a great grey/silver geometric pattern, their backgrounds are still a crisp ivory so as not to overwhelm the space. This lets the playful pink ceiling stand out on it’s own. Because this is a good size space I chose to pull the pink back in again to make the ceiling make sense. The drapery fabric was the perfect place to do so! And this pink embroidered fabric is one of the most beautiful fabrics I have ever seen!! The chandelier is like my jewelry, the bling to top off the outfit….or room!

Lauren 54

Lauren 50

Fashion + Interior Design. I love when these worlds combine!

How To: Accessorize Your Mantle

We get lots of questions on how to accessorize mantles! It really is quite fun to play around with designing your mantle.

Here are some of my favorite mantles from past designs:




We have a mantle in our store, Lauren Nicole Home, and decided to film a couple of videos to break it down for you. :) Visit our Instagram, @laurennicoledesigns, to check it out.

Mantle - Symmetrical

For the mantle above, we decided to keep it symmetrical; which is what most of our mantle designs embody. If you don’t have a television or something else above your mantle, it is great to add a piece of art or mirror. That really sets the stage for the rest of the design. We then flanked it with candelabras and centered it with a tray featuring greenery.

Mantle - Not Symmetrical

For this mantle, we decided to go asymmetrical. This can be a bit more tricky than a symmetrical mantle: but still totally doable! The key is: visual balance. Each side does not have to be the same although each side should carry the same visual weight.

Something to keep in mind:

Lauren Nicole Home is everything HOME decor and accessories! We have tons of options that will look beautiful on your mantle. Our website is currently undergoing construction, but soon you will be able to shop online. If you are local: come and visit us at 12206 Copper Way, Suite 128, Charlotte NC!

Question: What is your favorite way to decorate your mantle?

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