Monthly Archives: August 2012

Room for Thought

August 28, 2012

So Monday was an exciting day for the families of Loudoun County…it was the first day of school! My girls are still years away from this milestone but it was neat to see all of the pictures on Facebook of all of the kiddos starting on a new journey. It seems like this is also […]

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A Happy Hallway Part Deux

August 20, 2012

If y’all remember back a few months ago I posted this before picture of my front hallway~   I had mentioned in my earlier post that this hallway is very narrow and it is in fact my least favorite thing about our house. We did add bead board a few months ago which helped open […]

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Exciting new projects!

August 12, 2012

My first week back from vacation was a busy one! On Thursday I had 2 client presentations! I LOVE presentation day! After we spend countless days and hours pulling out every fabric book in our library, we pull together 3 fabulous design boards. It is SO much fun to put our blood (from the tacks […]

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August 7, 2012

After 3 long years of having 2 babies, moving twice and running a very busy business, we were more than ready for a vacation. I was so looking forward to seeing my girls play in the sand and the waves and to smell the salt air and to enjoy some true family time away from […]

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