A Very Special Makeover

September 4, 2014

I have very exciting news to share! 

I was recently contacted by the CBS TV show, The Doctors, to makeover a very special little girl’s nursery. The Hall family is a local Charlotte family who has been through a lot. 2 years ago their daughter, Amy, was born and since  a few days later, she has been fighting a battle with chronic salmonella. Just a few days after being brought home from the hospital, Amy became very ill and it took some digging to find out why.

Like any pet owner knows, dogs are curious and protective animals. So of course they wanted to smell, sniff and lick their new little sister. Unbeknownst to Amy’s parents, their dogs were already infected with salmonella and had contracted it through contaminated dog food. Their saliva passed along the infection to baby Amy, triggering years of hospital stays, various medical treatments, and an altered childhood compared what was expected the day that she was born. Read more about her story here.

The Doctors found out about Amy’s condition and invited the Hall family out to their show to bring awareness to this family’s battle and to show their support for Amy’s fight.  They also wanted to give the Hall family a little surprise to lift their spirits….enter, moi!

I met with Brian, Amy’s father, during a secret in home meeting when Amy’s mom, Elizabeth was out of the house. This was my chance to see Amy’s nursery, take pictures and measurements and learn all about what this amazing little girl likes. My big take away was that I learned that her favorite color is purple! And that she loves Doc McStuffins! I believe that Amy began to identify with the Disney Jr. character during all of her own doctor’s visits. I definitely took down those notes for little Amy’s plans!

The overall goal was to create a beautiful sanctuary for Amy that will grow with her. Amy’s bedroom has been the constant source of security for her as she knows that is the one place where there are no doctors and no one is poking or prodding her and she can just be a kid. But the space was ready for a new look, something that better represents Amy’s bright personality and her toddler age instead of her baby nursery.

Here are some before pictures~


photo 5

photo 2

I took a lot of notes and listened intently to Brian as I only had 2 weeks from that day to pull this room together! And I had to do it all on the sly too so that Elizabeth would be surprised on the show when they did the big reveal! I quickly gathered my team together to fill them in on Amy’s story and everyone was immediately committed to donating their time, products and labor for this amazing give back room makeover.

Here are a few ‘during’ shots of how Amy’s room went from normal baby nursery to WOW big girl room! What a difference just paint makes, right?!




Yes, we all stretched ourselves to the max for this special makeover!


Even my Finley wanted to pitch in! She was very intent on helping to pick out items for Amy’s new room. She found the fluffiest bath towels that Target had to offer!


After one late evening and one busy morning Amy’s room was complete!






This makeover has truly touched my heart and I am so grateful to everyone involved who helped me pull this off. The Hall Family returned from taping, where Elizabeth was absolutely surprised, and came by the shop to say hi and thank you in person. Which meant that I got see Amy again and get her awesome hugs!

photo 4 (2)

photo 2 (2)

photo 1 (2)

This is one amazing family with a trooper of a little girl and I am so honored just to know them and have witnessed their strength.

I put together a video of our entire adventure in making over Amy’s room and you can see it HERE.

And be sure to tune in to CBS to watch The Doctors on September 11, 2014. It is going to be an amazing reveal and I cannot wait to see Elizabeth’s reaction on the show!

Thank you for following along during this incredible experience!

4 thoughts on “A Very Special Makeover

  1. Rosa Dest

    What a touching post! Congratulations on a beautiful, fun room for such a deserving little girl. Her perseverance is truly inspiring. I’m sure it was such a pleasure to see her face light up. I will definitely catch the episode to see her reaction! Sending my thoughts to this family in such a difficult time.


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