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Are You Working From Home? These Quick Tips & Tricks Will Set You Up For Maximum Productivity!

Creating a work from home environment can be very exciting yet very stressful for some so here are a few tips to help get everyone situated in what looks to be our new normal for the foreseeable future.

1. Make sure that your space has a door. It sounds silly I know but you need to make sure that you can truly focus on your work and you are able to be closed off from any distractions. Especially with kids most likely at home they will need something to help them adjust to the fact that Mom or Dad is home but that does not mean they are available 24/7. A door will also help to keep noises in and out and keeping your furry friends in or out as well!

2. Get organized! Think about baskets or bins or file holders on your desk or a close by hard surface to help keep your paperwork nice and tidy. A clean and crips work surface is important to mentally stay focused on the task at hand.

3. Technology- you may need to consider an ear bud like the Apple Air Pods or some type of noise canceling head phone, especially if you are on the phone a lot. Also think about your laptop, computer or tablet and where you will plug in to stay charged and ready to go. We rely so heavily on technology these days that making sure all devices are easily accessed and charged is vital to a successful work day.

4. Personalization! It is important to WANT to go into your new home office so adding personal touches like a vase of your fave flowers, family photos, some decor in your favorite colors, a cool chair that is comfy and cute, any pieces that warm your space and make it your own will help boost your morale for working at home.

For more advise on making the best use of your home office space, head over to House Beautiful to hear what other designers are doing to create a space that’s functional, inspiring, and stress-reducing.

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