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Back To School – Planning Ahead for A Smooth Transition

The end of summer is always bittersweet. No more long vacation days spent with my girls, but I welcome the schedule and routine of a new school year! For all the busy moms out there, I suggest taking time during the last weeks of summer to prep and organize key spaces throughout the home that will help set your kids (and yourself) up for a successful school year!

Get the Drop Zone Ready! – Make sure every backpack has a hook and every kid a cubby. Let’s not forget about a sweatshirt or light jacket, because those chilly mornings will be here before you know it! And the shoes…baskets and bins for each kid with only school shoes as options….flip flops up to the closet! With a well thought out drop zone the mess and chaos will turn into an organized control system by the entryway to help avoid having jackets, bags and shoes thrown all over the home.

Prep Homework Stations – Whether it’s a kitchen island or a desk in the kid’s rooms, make sure it is a consistent place that they associate with homework and studying. Don’t forget to stock up on all supplies now and that the space is clean and tidy and ready for work.

School Wardrobe – If your kids do not wear uniforms (hallelujah mine do!) go through their closets and dressers and clean out anything that does not fit. If an outfit is not school appropriate, put that aside in a separate space designated for weekend wear. Now’s the time to talk to your kids about selecting outfits the night before – nothing like a hectic morning with “nothing to wear”. Give your fashionistas a bust or mini mannequin to play with for a fun fashion activity and to help plan ahead with outfits.

If your kid’s room is organized prior to the first day of school, it’ll help you combat the craziness that comes with the back to school schedule throughout the rest of the home!

For more tips on organizing the front door “drop zone,” check out WCNC Charlotte-Today.

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