Using Window Treatments to Enhance Your Space

October 19, 2017

Window treatments are an aspect of design that can be underestimated and overlooked.  I’ve learned, over the years, that window treatments, when done right, always enhance the overall look and feeling of any room.  They really are the finishing touch.

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Selecting the correct window treatment for your individual windows can be daunting, so here are just a few things to consider:

Think about the Mood of the Room

Whether it’s a living room, bedroom or an office, each window treatment should be unique to that particular space.  If you are looking to make the room feel light and airy with a sense of coziness to the space, use a lightweight fabric in color and feel.  On the other hand, if the aesthetic for the room is more classic and elegant, opt for a heavier fabric and style, which will make the room feel a touch more sophisticated.

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Working with Large Windows

Oversized windows have become a huge (no pun intended) trend over the last several years.  And while we love the extra Vitamin D, they can be very tricky to dress.  In this lakeside retreat, the goal was to frame the beautiful view, have a drapery that would provide privacy and enhance the look of the overall window.  Floor to ceiling draperies were the answer and ticked all of the design boxes.


Choosing the Right Hardware

With a plethora of drapery rod hardware on the market, you can to from iron to wood to acrylic and way beyond.  The size of the hardwood is just as important as the material it’s made of.  Don’t go skimpy here! Select hardware that is proportionate to the window treatment and the window and will enhance the drapery it’s holding.


Two Story Windows

These windows may seem daunting, but honestly, two-story windows can sometimes make the biggest impact in your room design.  Every situation is different, but I do love to use floor-to-ceiling draperies than can be dramatic and will take your breath away.  Depending on the look you are trying to achieve, you can use straight panels or kick it up a notch with an oversized tie-back that will be sure to make a statement.


We’ve only scratched the surface of the world of window treatments so stay tuned for more tips and tricks.

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