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Creative Alternatives to The Traditional Home Office Space 

Over the past year, home office design and work from home spaces have become trending design topics. Today, I’ll be sharing creative design solutions for a home workspace that is tailored to fit your current lifestyle needs.

Multi-Functional Zone – A functioning home office space that easily disappears and transforms into a sophisticated family room. This space is unique in that a white board is “hidden” on a track behind gorgeous fine art. When the space is in use, simply slide the art for a functioning white board. If you’re unable to incorporate something to this scale, consider ways in which you can manipulate your space to function for work but also easily be placed away during no work hours.

A Functional Space for Busy Families – The work space has to work for your particular lifestyle if you’re going to get use out of it. This corner office space (right off the kitchen) doubles as a homework station so parents can easily make sure kiddos stay on track while giving them space to focus. Everything from household supplies for paying bills and writing notes to homework/craft essentials can be close at hand in the drawers/cabinets but easily out of sight when not being used.

The Non Traditional Office Space – Sometimes a formal desk and office setting is not for everyone and the perks of being able to work from home are creating a space that works for you. This space is perfectly cozy nook with a fireplace and TV for lounging, or the double doors can be pulled shut to help focus. If you don’t have a full space to dedicate, consider a small corner in your master bedroom or closet where you can incorporate a cozy chair and table. Creativity has the ability to spark when you’re comfortable and at ease!

Small Space, Big Impact – When a designated room for an office is not an option, think about taking a corner of your family room and adding in a work station. Consider how this space can work with the existing style/design of the room so your eye isn’t immediately drawn to a desk in the corner.

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