Greenery – The Pantone Color Of The Year

The 2017 Pantone Color of the Year is Greenery, and no season is more representative of the color green than spring.  Greenery is inspired by nature and the trend is all about brining the outdoors in, adding a burst of freshness to your home decor.  Here are some of my favorite ways to incorporate the Greenery trend throughout the house:

The first (and probably most obvious) suggestion is to get your greenery through house plants.  These can be real or, for those of us who do not have green thumbs, faux.  But if you’re going to use faux, it’s very important that you don’t skimp on price and quality.  You don’t want the stems to have an obviously plastic look to them, and you don’t want the leaves to become dust collectors.  Remember to keep your plants on lower surfaces where you can actually see them — the coffee table, kitchen island or dining table. Don’t shove them on top of cabinets or in a high shelf.

Another green alternative to traditional house plants are boxwoods.  Anyone who follows me knows I am a huge lover of boxwoods.  They are available in so many shapes and sizes too — potted, wreaths, and even in ball form to use as filler in bowls or on trays.  I prefer working with preserved boxwoods, as opposed to live boxwoods, because there is less maintenance.  I do, however, have a secret tip for getting the most out of your boxwoods.  Every month or two, spritz your boxwoods with a mixture of water and green food coloring to maintaining the rich green hue, keep them hydrated and keep the dust off.

If plants and flowers aren’t your style, you can opt to get your pops of green through fabric instead.  This can include upholstery, pillows or other accent pieces like chairs and ottomans.  What’s great about Greenery is that is pairs well with so many other colors that you may already have in your palette — navy, coral, gray, tan, purple, you name it!

Accessories are another easy and fun way to play with color.  For example, you could showcase some green bottles made from recycled glass.  These look great empty on an end table, or you can fill with some simple branches or cotton stems for your mantle or fireplace.

Greenery really is a versatile color and trend, so take time to experiment with different ideas and find what works best for you.  But if you need a little bit more help, feel free to send me an email or stop by the Lauren Nicole Home store in Toringdon Circle Shopping Center.

Click here to watch my WBTV Morning Break segment on Greenery!

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