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Making Home Renovations Easier in 2019

Renovation projects can be a lot to take on, but once you get in the right mindset and start making headway everything is worth it! After taking down holiday decor I always start to think about what I want to accomplish in the New Year – work, family life, personal acquisitions and even things around the home – so let’s get started!

#1 Expectations:

It’s always so fun to just let your imagination run wild when dreaming up design plans, but its important to gage your expectations first when it comes to renovating! Evaluate your space: keep in mind the size of the space you want to convert, knowing that altering the structural integrity will of course lengthen the process. It might take a while to see your design dreams come to life, and finding the perfect pieces to bring that dream to life will require patience, understanding, and lots of trust! Always remember what you want to achieve from your new space! For busy families like mine, it is smart to keep in mind the practical use of the room as well as the design aspects.

Here, my expectations were vastly determined by lifestyle. We went from one large angled island to two separate islands – one for prepping and one for eating – because this family loves to cook!


#2 Budget:

Your budget will fluctuate throughout the renovation process, so it is always a good idea to be realistic in planning for what you want to achieve .Give yourself some room in your budget for the unexpected during the process. Unfortunately, things aren’t always as easy as they appear, so having a cushion in your budget plans will save you some stress! Be open to options: try not to set your heart on anything specific, and keep your eyes and mind open for similar pieces, paints, appliances, etc. that are just as pretty but still match your budget!

This renovation is all about cosmetics and working within a reasonable renovation budget – we painted the brick fireplace a nice white to brighten up the space, added shiplap to the wall, changed out the light fixture and brought in new furnishings.


#3 Timing:

As much as we wish it did, renovations don’t happen over night. It’s crucial to give yourself a realistic timeline so you don’t set yourself up for unnecessary frustration or disappointment! Plan ahead when the inevitable inconveniences occur; like prepping dinner for the family with no kitchen or sharing a bathroom with your kids. Be prepared to for some surprises that will set you back as far as timeline, and ones that wont always make your wallet happy, but also keep the trust in the process. Don’t get discouraged! It may take a little while until you see your vision come to life, but celebrate the little wins along the way; whether it be choosing the perfect paint color, or finally deciding on a backsplash! Cherishing the experience will make the overall outcome even better!


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