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September 14, 2014

I am in LOVE with this awesome organizational project that we just installed!

My clients just moved into their new home and they immediately picked this big blank wall in their kitchen for their wall of organization. They had a vision for this wall  and my carpenter and I had so much fun bringing it to life!

Here is the wall and Dan the man coming up with his plan~

photo 1

My clients wanted a place to display their daughter’s art work, a place to hang their family calendar of events and a place to showcase the word of the week and other family messages. I knew right away that I wanted to use one of my custom frames for the border and Dan and I came up with a plan to fill the inside of it.

photo 2





As you can see this board has already been put to great use! We installed a sheet of cork along the top 2/3 for notes, the calendar, art and two really cute chalk tiles for family notes. On the bottom third we used a sheet of galvanized metal to display their daughter’s artwork without having to poke holes in it and it is easily changed out. And because it is on the bottom, the girls can come home and post their masterpieces themselves.

This organizational wall was a fairly quick and easy project and is so well used and appreciated by this busy family on a daily basis. And if you are thinking about something like this in your home, it can be done on a smaller scale or even vertically. And if you want to add a dry erase section or add more metal and less cork or vice versa, it is entirely customizable. How cool, right?!

Hopefully this is a helpful hint to get your family more organized!

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