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Organize It – Before/After Addition

Move over clutter, I’ve got storage solutions that will help combat clutter throughout an entire home.

If clutter and mess is in the way, then how can you fully enjoy the home? Of course, I’m not saying life is perfect – believe me with pets & kids I understand just how easy it is for the home to go from clean to a mess in a matter of minutes. However, incorporating simple solutions into your home will help control the mess and increase the overall functionality of the home.

Everything has a place – I suggest starting with a plan & sticking to it. Cabinets and baskets are your best friends, take full advantage of their ability to conceal mess.

Today, I’ll be showing a glimpse into a recent project and sharing how I was able to help organize different spaces throughout the home, further increasing the home’s overall functionality.

Before – a kitchen desk that the family never used had turned into a catch all for mess

After – a crisp & clean beverage station with additional storage right off the kitchen

Before – a space right off the entryway that never felt complete

After – a beautiful living room for the family to gather. Added bonus? The TV cabinet has extra storage that is conceal to hide everything from movies to toys and games.

Before – a small space with a small vanity = not taking full advantage of the room

After – I stripped the paneling and floor-to-ceiling wallpaper, creating the illusion of a bigger space and added a larger vanity. Neatly organize cleaning & extra beauty products in the cabinet for easy access.

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