Graybill & Downs Tobacco and Orange Blossom Candle


Product Description

Tobacco & Orange Blossom speaks of bygone eras when the enticing scents of bespoke-garbed gentlemen and their resplendent ladies wafted through drawing-room doors onto verandas and became as one in the open air.  Rich, creamy tobacco leaf and cognac subtly flirt with the sweetness of orange blossoms and hints of sensuous cherry. Nostalgia never smelled so sublime.

•  10.5 oz | 65 hour burn time
•  Soy wax blend
•  Lead-free cotton wick which allows for a more even melting
•  Beautiful pewter, linen-embossed box with satin gray ribbon
•  Graybill & Downs artisan candles are hand-blended and poured
•  Made in the United States of America


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