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How To Make Any Bathroom Feel More Luxurious

March 10, 2017

In normal day-to-day life, conversations about the bathroom are often considered taboo, but in the design world it’s one of my absolute favorite topics! The bathroom is typically where you first start your day after crawling out of bed, and where you last end your day before slipping back beneath the sheets. It is a space […]

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Burgundy Is Back – Home Decor Trends

October 4, 2016

Pick up any fashion magazine or look on just about any social media site and you will see Burgundy everywhere.  It’s back and in a big way – in home decor and fashion.  Now, trust me, we have had a lot of conversations about this over the last several weeks.  First, nobody likes the word […]

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My Reclaimed Wood Ceiling

August 24, 2016

To say I’m a little obsessed with all things reclaimed wood, would be an understatement.  First it was my new mantel and now it’s my tray ceiling in our master bedroom. And so it begins! It all started when I saw this amazing reclaimed barn wood.  I knew I had to use it in my […]

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Porch Ceiling Paint

August 16, 2016

As many of you know, we have been in MAJOR repainting mode in our house for the last 2 months — and we are finally making it to the outside.  It’s been a crazy time — so much so that my youngest, Campbell, asked me why the painters weren’t in our house this morning.  They […]

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Introducing Design 101: A New Seminar Series

August 1, 2016

Okay, y’all, I will be honest with you…I am beyond excited to share this news with you today because it has been a LONG time in the making. 🙂 I’m proud to announce Design 101, an interior design seminar series, created and led by Lauren Nicole Designs and sponsored by our favorite Charlotte magazine: QC […]

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My Updated Fireplace & Reclaimed Wood Mantel

July 21, 2016

When we bought our new to us home, I knew I had a big job ahead of me.  The house hadn’t been painted in at least 15 years and was very dark and needed a major update.   Below is a before photo of the family room.  It worked for the family that lived there, […]

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Paint Palette for Our New Home

July 15, 2016

After much thought and looking at every gray there is (and there are a lot of them), the final paint palette for our new home has been selected.  Drum roll please. I chose Benjamin Moore’s Wickham Gray for all of the main areas — foyer, living room, dining room, family room,  playroom and all hallways. […]

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Our Go-To Summer Recipe: Bourbon Slushies

June 23, 2016

Bourbon Slushies are my absolute favorite summer drink! Also, major bonus: they are perfect for when you have guests over because you HAVE to make them the day ahead. 🙂 You can even make them 2 weeks ahead because it’s stored in your freezer. You just pour into a pitcher and drink ’em up when […]

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How to Pick a Paint Color

June 20, 2016

Let the Painting Begin Issue 3 in the Moving Adventure We settle on the new (new to us) house next week and the very first thing that has to happen is FRESH PAINT.  And I mean everywhere — all rooms, main areas and even the kitchen cabinets.  So here’s the age old question (and one […]

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Paring Down

June 13, 2016

Downsizing Can be Painless Not only am I reducing the size of my home by 1000 square feet, we’re also going from an open concept floor plan to a floor plan that has more defined and smaller rooms.  This means downsizing in all areas is a must.  So I don’t make myself a crazy person, […]

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Packing Tips for Moving

June 8, 2016

OH GOODIE – IT’S TIME TO PACK (SAID NO ONE EVER) As excited as I am about our new home, our new neighborhood and a whole new design plan — I am not so excited about the packing process.  But having moved 6 times in the last 7 years, I’ve come up with a few […]

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Olivia the Cat is Moving

June 2, 2016

Olivia the Cat is Moving (and so are WE)! The search is over!  We’ve found the perfect neighborhood home that’s closer to our girls’ friends and school.  And while we are all so excited for the new adventure,  our new home is about 1,000 square feet smaller than our present home.  It’s also an older […]

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Seasonal Scapes Summer Challenge

May 30, 2016

I’m super excited for our next Seasonal Scapes Challenge! Did you see the first one? It was all about that Spring Refresh for your home. Check it out HERE. I’m honored to share my Seasonal Summer Scape AND most importantly, the Summer Scapes of my beautiful and talented blog friends below. Each of us were […]

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Lighting 101: Sconces or Vanity Lighting in Your Bathroom?

May 20, 2016

Sconces or Vanity Lighting in Your Bathroom? – That’s the Question Whether you’re updating your bathroom lighting, building a new home or going through a renovation,  selecting the right lighting is key.  So the question is:  what type of lighting will provide the best light and accent the room design in the best way — […]

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Why Wallpaper? and What to Know Before You Buy

May 6, 2016

Wallpaper is back and in a big way! Actually, I don’t feel like it ever went away since I’ve always loved wallpaper and have continued to use it for many of my clients. It’s all about choosing the right wallpaper for your home and lifestyle. There are many different types of wallpaper to consider… 1. […]

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Ask The Designer: Chandelier or Ceiling Fan?

May 4, 2016

One of my favorite series on the blog, “Ask The Designer”, is back today! I absolutely love getting questions from you, so make sure you keep them coming. To ask your question just comment below or follow us on instagram (@laurennicoledesigns) and comment on one of our photos. Let’s jump right in and answer today’s […]

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Inside Look: A Grand Foyer

May 2, 2016

It’s Monday! And here is my way of making your Monday a little happier…check out this GORGEOUS foyer. This is definitely one of the most grand foyers I have ever designed. When you walk into this house, you are met with a large, welcoming and show stopping space. Read below for more information on all the […]

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What You Need to Know About Painting Your Room A Darker Color

April 29, 2016

If you’ve noticed in our portfolio, we have quite a few rooms that are painted darker color, especially navy. A rich wall color can truly make a beautiful room. However, there are tricks on how to do this successfully. That’s why I’m here today! First and most important tip: a good quality paint in an […]

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We WON a BOB Award from Charlotte Magazine!

April 27, 2016

We are excited, happy, honored, giddy, pumped and SO MUCH MORE over winning a BOB Award (Best Of the Best) from Charlotte Magazine! We won Best in Home Accessories! Charlotte Magazine wrote this about us: “At this small shop in Ballantyne, you won’t find antique tea caddies or high-end art, but painted boards with funny […]

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A Spotlight on Outdoor Designs

April 25, 2016

With the weather being SO gorgeous lately, we are obsessed with all things outdoor. We wanted to share a few of our favorite outdoor designs with you today! Are you refreshing your outdoor space and need advice? Comment below and we will be happy to help. 🙂 We may even feature your question in an […]

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High Point Market Recap: April 2016

April 22, 2016

Okay, Wednesday we gave you all the details on High Point Furniture Market and today we’re providing a recap on some of our favorite showrooms, products and trends! Let’s jump right into it… This manufacturer is always one of our most favorite showrooms. So beautiful and merchandised perfectly! We love their new shabby chic collection. […]

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High Point Market 101: All Your Questions Answered

April 20, 2016

We’re back from High Point Market and exhausted like we always are! 🙂 I don’t know what it is about Market, but it takes it out of ya. Alright, I’m here to answer all the questions you have about High Point Furniture Market! Market is somewhat in it’s own world and very industry-driven, but I’m […]

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How to: Style Your Mantel

April 18, 2016

Good Monday morning! As y’all are reading this, we are at High Point Market shopping for our clients and scouring the trends. 🙂 Get excited for a full recap blog post AND a post answering all your High Point Market questions. In the meantime, we HAVE to share this fun video we filmed at one […]

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Friday Faves: Off the Shoulder Love and Sneak Peeks

April 15, 2016

Happy Friday! It’s officially Friday FriYAY! 🙂 We’re busy bees over here but so excited for many reasons…let us share some of our faves this week! High Point Furniture Market is this weekend! We will be there for a few days. We’ve found that over the years people are confused about High Point Market…what is […]

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How to: Choose the Perfect Bedding

April 13, 2016

One of my favorite pieces to design? A beautifully, made bed! There is something so luxurious and home-y about walking into your bedroom and seeing a gorgeous bed. Don’t y’all think so? I’m sharing some of my absolute favorite bedroom designs today AND tips on what to look for when buying your bedding. How to […]

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How to: Choose the Right Faux Floral

April 11, 2016

How was your weekend? My weekend was the usual: play dates and meetings. 🙂 Beautiful faux florals are some of our favorite accessories to add to any space. They instantly add freshness, whimsy and a pop of color. Check out our favorite uses of faux florals from our portfolio… So, what do you need to […]

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Inside Look Northshore Estate: Her Office

April 8, 2016

Happy Friday! We’re here with our last Inside Look into Northshore Estate. It’s bittersweet that this will be the last Inside Look for a while on this amazing project. But stay tuned, because we are working on a few more rooms in this house and hope to share those photos with you later this year. […]

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How I Keep It All Together

April 6, 2016

Alrighty…being a mom of two very busy and active girls and owning my own design business and store can be NUTS! However, over the last few years I have learned quite a few tricks to make sure I stay organized and on top of everything. I am literally pulled in a million directions every day […]

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How Do I Know I’m Buying the Right Lamp (Plus a Video)

April 4, 2016

Happy Monday, my friends! Something I have noticed in my years of interior design: lighting is a scary subject for people. It can be done though! I’m starting with lamps today — and will talk more about chandeliers and overhead lighting later. The number 1 mistake people make in buying lamps: they purchase short and […]

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Ask The Designer: Mixing Metals and Overhead Lighting

March 30, 2016

Ask the Designer is back! We love answering your questions, so keep them coming…Let’s dive in! Question: I live in an apartment where the dining room has an off center can light in the ceiling. How can I get lighting directly over my table since the ceiling light can’t be moved? –@okinat Unfortunately, the only […]

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How to Accessorize a Bowl (and a fun video!)

March 28, 2016

Happy Monday! We hope everyone had a great Holiday weekend and enjoyed lots of quality time with family and friends. We definitely did! One of the most asked questions we get at our store, Lauren Nicole Home: “What should I put in this bowl?” A bright, cheery and beautiful bowl can make quite an impact […]

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We LOVE Best Friends for Frosting

March 25, 2016

Here we go again, we are so very honored to be featured again on Best Friends for Frosting! Another one of our favorite projects, Longview Glenmoor, is the featured home on their blog today. We’re giving the inside scoop and story behind this home. Click this LINK to go check it out!

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Ask the Designer: Gallery Walls and Draperies

March 23, 2016

It’s time for another session of Ask The Designer! We love helping you with your questions and design dilemmas, so keep them coming. Comment below or send us an email (madison@laurennicoleinc.com)! Question: “I need window treatment help in my guest bedroom. One wall is a bay window/seat. The perpendicular window has two windows that are […]

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How to: Make Your Office a Productive Space

March 21, 2016

Happy Monday, y’all! So many of us work from home or need an office space to get all of our work and organization completed. We’re sharing several MUST – HAVES in your office to ensure productivity and happiness. 1. Space Have a designated room or space that you can go into and out of (for […]

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Our Feature with Best Friends for Frosting: Northshore Estate

March 18, 2016

We could not be MORE excited to share our feature on our favorite website: Best Friends for Frosting! We’re sharing all the behind-the-scenes details behind one of our recent projects, a 10,000 square foot home in Greensboro, NC. Check it out HERE!

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Blue and White: So Right

March 16, 2016

Blue and white is such a classic combination in home design. Don’t you think? For us, it evokes the sea and skies with just a few clouds. The blue and white color palette makes us feel comforted and calm. Here are some of my favorite uses of blue and white in our interiors. This grand […]

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How to: Make a Rental Feel Like Your Home

March 9, 2016

We’ve all been there…rented a house or an apartment. Maybe you are in between homes right now or maybe you live in a city and renting makes the most sense. Renting can be a good thing, y’all! We’re here to share our favorite ways to make a rental feel like a home. Apply Fresh Paint […]

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Seasonal Scapes Spring Challenge

March 7, 2016

Happy Monday, y’all! Normally Monday is not our favorite day of the week…but this week is different because we’re here to announce something very EXCITING! (P.s. Keep reading because at the end of this post is an awesome giveaway) Seasonal Scapes Challenge With each season, we (me and our beautiful blog friends) will be sharing […]

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Ask The Designer: Foyer Artwork and Cabinet Colors

March 2, 2016

 Keep those questions coming, y’all! We’re back answering more of your design questions and loving every minute of it. Comment below if you have a question! I have a wall space under my stairs that faces my front double doors. I’ve put an ottomon bench against it but have no idea what to hang or […]

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Inside Look: Northshore Estate Family Cave

February 29, 2016

It’s a Marvelous Monday and we’re back with another Inside Look into Northshore Estate. Did you see the other rooms we shared? If not, here they are! Kitchen/Breakfast Area Family Room Dining Room Formal Living Room Master Bedroom Master Bathroom Mud Room Teen Tiki Room Today is all about the FAMILY CAVE. This room is […]

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Fun Friday Faves – 2

February 26, 2016

TGIF TGIF!!! Aren’t y’all happy it’s Friday?! I know we are because this week has been a bit nuts. Throw in a crazy, busy week with work and then my husband’s work-travel plans being affected by the weather…whew, we are grateful to all be home safe and sound. Alrighty, we’re back with Round 2 of […]

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Ask The Designer: Kid Friendly Fabrics & Door Trims

February 24, 2016

Hey hey! We’re back with another round of Ask The Designer. We love your questions, so keep ’em coming! Comment below and we will make sure to answer your design question in an upcoming blog post. 🙂 Question: “We have a very large sliding glass door in our living room that bothers me as it […]

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Inside Look: Northshore Estate Teen Tiki Room

February 22, 2016

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Saturday was a busy day at our store for a fun Paint Demo Day where we shared tips and tricks about painting your furniture. Today we are sharing a look inside a fun Teen Tiki Room! Here are the other rooms in this project, Northshore Estate: Kitchen Family Room […]

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Fun Friday Faves – 1

February 19, 2016

We’re starting a new Fun Friday Faves blog series where we share some of our very, favorite things. This could be favorite books, fashion, home accessories, quotes…it’s whatever we are really “feeling” on that particular week. Are you a blogger? We’d love for you to get involved and start your own #FunFridayFaves. We will be […]

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Ask the Designer: Round Rugs and Fireplace Decor

February 17, 2016

It’s a busy week over here but then again: what’s new?! We love the craziness! It’s also been a while since we featured our “Ask The Designer” series and we are excited to bring it back. We’re answering two of your design questions today. Check it out! Question: I have a large tall shallow cut […]

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Inside Look: Northshore Estate Mud Room

February 15, 2016

How was your weekend? Good, I hope! We had a weekend full of Valentine’s Day festivities with our girlies. 🙂 Let’s get back to our latest Inside Look: Northshore Estate. We’ve already shared quite a bit of the rooms and still have more! Kitchen Dining Room Family Room Formal Living Room Master Bedroom Master Bathroom […]

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The Five Things Survey

February 12, 2016

I thought it would be fun to do a survey on this Friday! Whoop Whoop! It’s called the “five things survey” and it’s been making it’s way around the blogosphere. Here goes nothing: 5 Places I’m Dying to Visit France Italy Greece British Columbia The Cayman Islands 5 Foods I Eat Everyday Cereal Hot and/or […]

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Inside Look: Northshore Estate Master Bathroom

February 8, 2016

It’s a marvelous Monday here in the Carolinas! Did you have a good weekend? We had a great one full of birthday parties AND watched the Super Bowl (but of course). Have you taken a look at any of the Northshore Estate Inside Looks? Make sure to check them out here: Kitchen Family Room Dining […]

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Inside Look: Northshore Estate Master Bedroom

February 3, 2016

Enough with the sugary recipes (OH My, please check out Monday’s blog post on the Peanut Butter Cookie Dip..you will not regret it)…it’s time to get back to interior design. 🙂 We’ve got another Inside Look into our latest project Northshore Estate. Did you miss the others? Kitchen Family Room Dining Room Formal Living Room […]

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Super Bowl Entertaining: Peanut Butter Cookie Dip

February 1, 2016

Are there 4 better words than this: Peanut. Butter. Cookie. Dip???? Not many days go by that I don’t personally eat peanut butter and on top of that, my favorite cookie is most definitely peanut butter. Therefore: this dip speaks my language in every way! Let’s just say…quite a bit was consumed in the process […]

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Inside Look: Northshore Estate Formal Living Room

January 27, 2016

Happy Wednesday, friends! We’re here today with one of our favorite formal living rooms. This home has been on our blog quite a bit so far. Here are the other inside looks: Kitchen Family Room Dining Room Annnd…there are more rooms for us to uncover in the coming weeks. Stay tuned because each week we […]

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Our Snowy, Icy Weekend

January 25, 2016

We had a snowy/icy weekend in Charlotte this past weekend and I wanted to share some of my favorite scenes from the day. 🙂 Initially, I was hoping for no bad weather because I “had too much to do.” But in all honesty, I think a snowy weekend was just what this mommy needed. I […]

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Inside Look: Northshore Estate Dining Room

January 20, 2016

It’s a wonderful and chilly Wednesday here in the Carolinas today but we’re here with a smoking hot dining room. 🙂 That will warm us up, right?! Here are the other rooms we’ve shared from this home: Family Room Kitchen Now, it’s time for this beautiful, elegant dining room. This monochromatic, silver dining room is […]

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Before and After: My Mom’s Office

January 18, 2016

Hey y’all and happy Monday! Today, my mom is sharing her office makeover from start to finish. Get ready for photo overload in the best way possible. Take it over, Linda! Okay. Here is the before of my office. Clearly, no space was defined and this space was really a drop zone for everything I […]

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Inside Look: Northshore Estate Kitchen and Breakfast Area

January 15, 2016

I am so happy that y’all responded well to our debut post on this project: Northshore Estate. Check it out HERE if you missed it! Today we are sharing the Kitchen and Breakfast Area. As you will notice, it is an open concept floor plan and the family room is right beside the kitchen. This […]

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Our 2016 Resolutions: Part 2

January 13, 2016

Alright, we’re back with Part 2 of our 2016 New Years Resolutions! Just in case you missed it, here is Part 1. Part 1 was all about de-cluttering: getting rid of the items that you don’t need! Part 2 is all about organizing and making a plan for you, your home and your family. You […]

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Behind the Scenes: The Making of a Biergarten

January 11, 2016

You are probably thinking, “Biergarten?” Am I on the right website? Well, of course you are! We recently had the opportunity to work with Gravity Magazine to create a Biergarten at the home of one of our favorite clients. What is a Biergarten? The term biergarten, or beer garden, hails from Munich, Bavaria and originated […]

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Our 2016 Resolutions: Part 1

January 6, 2016

It’s the beginning of a new year and we know you’ve been bombarded with resolutions. To be honest, we usually get tired of seeing all the resolutions. However this year, we welcome resolutions and fresh, new ideas. We are excited to de-clutter and revamp our homes! Here we go with Part 1… Let’s De-clutter! It’s […]

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Inside Look: Lake Wylie Living Room

December 31, 2015

Happy Monday! We hope all of you had a splendid holiday and enjoyed time spent with family and friends! We are back with our final installment of this Lake Wylie Inside Look! We’ve shared the dining room and the kitchen/breakfast area and today we are giving a peek into their living room. The kitchen, breakfast/dining […]

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Merry Christmas from Our Family to Yours

December 23, 2015

We want to wish you a very Merry Christmas! Each year this holiday sneaks up on us and goes by super quickly. It’s important to stop, take a moment to soak it in and enjoy it. We can all get caught up in the hustle and bustle but Christmas is really all about LOVE. Here […]

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Inside Look: Lake Wylie Kitchen and Breakfast Area

December 21, 2015

We’re back with another Inside Look into this Lake Wylie Home! Last week, we shared the Dining Room and today it’s all about the breakfast/kitchen area. 🙂 Next week, we will be sharing the other side of this beautiful breakfast area with living room and you will see a hint of that here. Make sure […]

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A Console Table – 3 Ways

December 18, 2015

We’re here sharing one of our favorite console table and how we styled it 3 ways: Everyday Fall Holiday The great thing about this console table is that it’s the perfect size in terms of not too large (or daunting) to style. You can style it simply and effortlessly and it still looks amazing! Everyday […]

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Holiday Entertaining: Smoked Salmon Platter

December 16, 2015

Are you ready for the easiest and more impressive holiday appetizer? We frequently bring this appetizer to holiday get-togethers and always come home with a clean plate. People love to dig in and assemble their own delicious treasures. This appetizer is great for the holidays because it’s all about assembling and NOT cooking. 🙂 Smoked […]

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Holiday Entertaining: Brie and Pepper Jelly Tarts

December 9, 2015

We know the Holidays are here and that means lots of parties! We’ve created a super EASY and delicious appetizer for your holiday get-togethers. It only requires 4 ingredients and 10 minutes. Here are the ingredients you will need: Filo Tart Shells: they are located in the freezer section of your grocery store) Brie: we […]

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Our Holiday Tablescape

December 7, 2015

We’re very excited to partner with 9 other bloggers and debut our first annual Holiday Decor Challenge: #MyHolidayScapes Bloggers: @awelldressedlife, @everychicway, @dwellingsbydevore, @sageandapril, @copycatchic, @sheleavesalittlesparkle, @sarahsofiaproductions, @shegetsitfromhermama, @kelleynan As you know, we love our homes when they are all dressed up for the holidays and we want to see how you bring that holiday magic […]

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Preparing Your Home to Sell: The Back Porch

December 4, 2015

We’re back with another part in our Preparing Your Home to Sell! Did you miss the others? Make sure to check them out, especially if you or someone you know is trying to sell their home. We have enjoyed partnering with Ashley Davis from Roby Realty to help give you lots of tips and tricks. […]

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Our Holiday Porchscape

November 30, 2015

We’re very excited to partner with 9 other bloggers and debut our first annual Holiday Decor Challenge: #MyHolidayScapes Bloggers: @awelldressedlife, @everychicway, @dwellingsbydevore, @sageandapril, @copycatchic, @sheleavesalittlesparkle, @sarahsofiaproductions, @shegetsitfromhermama, @kelleynan As you know, we love our homes when they are all dressed up for the holidays and we want to see how you bring that holiday magic […]

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My Holiday Mantlescape

November 23, 2015

We’re very excited to partner with 9 other bloggers and debut our first annual Holiday Decor Challenge: #MyHolidayScapes Bloggers: @awelldressedlife, @everychicway, @dwellingsbydevore, @sageandapril, @copycatchic, @sheleavesalittlesparkle, @sarahsofiaproductions, @shegetsitfromhermama, @kelleynan As you know, we love our homes when they are all dressed up for the holidays and we want to see how you bring that holiday magic […]

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Trend: How To Do All White RIGHT

November 20, 2015

We know that the ALL WHITE trend has been here for a while now, but wanted to give you practical tips and tricks on how to do it right. There is a risk of doing the all-white trend wrong and what it gives you instead is a cold, stark room with no personality. When you […]

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Preparing Your Home to Sell: The Dining/Breakfast Area

November 16, 2015

Alright, y’all, we’re continuing our series with Roby Realty on Preparing Your Home to Sell. We’ve had so much fun filming these and cannot wait to share more! Did you miss the others? Here they are! The Front Porch The Living Room The Kitchen Now, let’s chat about the breakfast/dining area. We know this spot […]

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Holiday Entertaining: Pesto Tomato Tarts

November 4, 2015

One of the favorite treats from our Girls Night Out was Pesto Tomato Tarts. We made them the day before and served them room temperature and guess what? They were FABULOUS and so easy! All you need are 5 simple ingredients! Pesto Tomato Tarts Frozen Puff Pastry, thawed 1 jar of pesto 6 tomatoes, thinly […]

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Preparing Your Home to Sell: The Living Room

November 2, 2015

We’re back with another video in our series: Preparing Your Home to Sell! This time, Ash (from Roby Realty) and I talk about how to get your living room ready for potential buyers to come by and look. This can be the trickiest room to get ready because you typically spend most of your time […]

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Ask a Designer: Bedroom Rugs

October 28, 2015

We’re back for another Ask-a-Designer installment! We love getting questions from y’all so please keep them coming. Comment below if you have a design question you need answered. Or send Madison an email madison@laurennicoleinc.com. “What sort of rug should I put under this bed? Additionally, what sort of artwork should I put above the headboard? […]

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Fall Decorating at Northshore Estate

October 21, 2015

Happy beautiful Fall day to you! 🙂 Fall is definitely our favorite season because of the crisp air, pumpkin muffins, fabulous fall fashion, and of course: FALL DECOR! We had the opportunity to decorate one of our favorite client’s home for Fall and couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Linda came with her SUV […]

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We’re Expanding!

October 19, 2015

We are excited to share exciting news: we are expanding! Lauren Nicole Designs is now serving both Charlotte AND Charleston! If you have followed us for a while now, you know our love for all things Charleston. We visited there in the summer for vacation and it wasn’t just for fun, but business as well. […]

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Ask a Designer: TVs and Mantles

October 12, 2015

How was your weekend? Ours was busy, busy, busy because we have started a week-long photoshoot on some of our latest projects. Stay tuned for lots of beautiful images coming your way in the next few weeks. We are SO excited! Today, we’re back for another Ask a Designer post. If you have a question […]

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An Inside Look: Aldie Estate Living Room

October 7, 2015

We’re back with another Inside Look! This time, with a new project called Aldie Estate. We LOVED this project because the homeowner was a bachelor and a joy to work with. Our client was a new bachelor, recently divorced, with a teenage son. He was only allowed to keep his dining room table from the […]

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An Inside Look: Formal Silver Living Room

September 28, 2015

We’re back with another Inside Look! Do you remember the one from last week? The Gold Dining Room. The living room room we are featuring today is the same home and it’s all about the soft silver accents. You can mix metals fabulously! Let’s start with the wall color: Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray. This is […]

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Survey Time: Our Favorites

September 25, 2015

We love a survey, y’all! It’s a great way for us to show our personality and for you to get to know us. Mom and I had a blast answering these questions. Check them out! Want to partake? Simply copy and paste it in the comments section and answer. 🙂 We’d love to hear from […]

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Girls Night Out with Style Your Senses AND a Giveaway!

September 18, 2015

We are incredibly excited to announce our latest collaboration with Mallory from Style Your Senses. First of all: we LOVE Mallory and her blog. We’ve been following her for a long time, so when we decided to partner on this fun giveaway and event, it was like we were meeting our girl-crush! Second of all: […]

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Our Thanksgiving Table at the Southern Ideal Home Show

September 15, 2015

We just got back from the Southern Ideal Home Show in Charlotte. It was a great event that we were honored to take part of! As the Featured Designer at the Home Show, we were selected to design four tablescapes for the “Ideal Entertaining” spot. It was a lot of hard work but so worth […]

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Mini Caramel Apples

September 11, 2015

Fair season is among us! One of my favorite treats at the fair? Caramel apples! We decided to make our own mini-version of caramel apples at home last week. Since they are mini, you can eat more, right? Try these out! They are easy to make and delicious! Mini Caramel Apples 4-5 Gala Apples (or […]

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How to: Create a Fall Mantle

September 8, 2015

We are in the second week of September and guess what? Our mantle is already Fall-ified! 🙂 Being a southern girl through and through, mason jars have always been a part of my life. Ice cold tea tastes the best out of a mason jar, am I right? Mom and I decided to spray paint […]

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Our Favorite Fall Fashion Part 1

September 2, 2015

We’re here with our FAVORITE Fall Fashion! We have so many faves, we are doing this in parts. 🙂 Mom and I had a great time at our little fashion photo-shoot and had a hard time waiting until September to share with y’all. For us, September means give us all the pumpkin baked goods, scarves, […]

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DIY Amy Howard Lacquered Mirror

August 31, 2015

Amy Howard paints take any project to the next level! Here’s a fun DIY project if you want to add a bit of sass to your antique mirror. 🙂 Here’s what you need: Amy Howard at Home® Lacquer Primer Amy Howard at Home® Lacquer in Brisson Red Amy Howard at Home® Lacquer in Bright Idea […]

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Ask a Designer: Trendy Kitchens and Gallery Walls

August 28, 2015

We’re back with another Ask-a-Designer post! We love these because it’s fun to interact and answer questions with y’all. Please keep them coming because we love ’em! Comment below to ask your question or email madison@laurennicoleinc.com “What is the best way to group paintings of multiple sizes on 1 statement wall? Do you have any […]

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Inside Look: Longview Estate Family Room

August 26, 2015

We’re back with the last inside look at one of our favorite projects: Longview Estate. For pictures of the entire project, visit our portfolio here. Love love! For the other inside looks: Master Bedroom Suite Living Room Office Kitchen Now, it’s time to chat about this comfortable-chic family room! This family room is not a […]

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Friday Faves: My Back-to-School Shopping

August 21, 2015

Hiya and HAPPY Friday! First of all, I can’t believe it’s Friday already AND that I am talking back to school right now. I wanted to share of my favorite products latest for my girls, Campbell and Finley. And of course, I had to thrown in a few for Mommy too! 🙂 For all the […]

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Featured Designer at the Southern Ideal Home Show

August 17, 2015

Guess what? We are the featured designer at this year’s Southern Ideal Home Show! We couldn’t be more honored and excited to be involved with this amazing show. Ideal Entertaining Few things are more enjoyable than a meal with good friends or family. Eat, drink and be inspired with our beautiful tablescapes. Whether it’s a […]

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How to: Accessorize Your Coffee Table

August 14, 2015

So, what are the rules to accessorizing your coffee table? Here are my “rules:” Do whatever makes you happy! Do you love hydrangeas and fresh flowers? Make your coffee table a happy spot and showcase your favorite flower. Do you read a lot of books or collect beautiful books? Stack those up on your table […]

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An Inside Look: Longview Estate Living Room

August 12, 2015

We are back with yet another Inside Look at the Longview Estate! If you can’t tell already, this is definitely one of our favorite projects. We love the way everything turned out AND these clients were the best! 🙂 Did you miss the other posts? Check out the Master Bedroom, Office and Kitchen! It’s time […]

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How to: Gilded Vintage Books

August 10, 2015

Creating a beautiful space means that every aspect of your home, down to last little nook is tended to. Small corner vignettes and table top surfaces, when decorated rightly, can make all the difference in a room’s appeal. Even the smallest of items can act as the link that brings all of the colors and […]

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Our Favorite Website Features

August 7, 2015

After many months of sweat, tears and wine…we are so proud to share our brand new website! There are many new features on this website and we want to share our faves. 🙂 1) Lauren Nicole Designs and Lauren Nicole Home are together! (finally) We’ve combined our design business, Lauren Nicole Designs, with our store, […]

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An Inside Look: Longview Estate Kitchen

August 6, 2015

First of all, you may notice things look different around here. We’ve got a whole new look! We worked with a FABULOUS Web-Design company, Bellaworks, for several months to create this updated website. Stay tuned for a blog detailing the process and new features on the website. Please provide any feedback in the comments section […]

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Looks We Love: Celebrity Closets

July 27, 2015

I think on the wish-list of almost every girl I know: A great closet. It’s true: a beautiful, spacious closet full of storage is priceless. We couldn’t help but do some celebrity-closet exploring (stalking) on Pinterest. See below for our faves and then tell us your favorite! source Mariah Carey Of course her closet would […]

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An Inside Look: Longview Estate Master Suite

July 24, 2015

We’re back with an inside look at the Longview Estate. Did you get a chance to see our last look inside this beautiful home? Check it out here for a tour of their office. Today, it’s all about the Master Suite. My clients both love to travel and wanted their bedroom and bathroom to feel […]

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What’s on Our Nightstand?

July 22, 2015

We wanted to give you an inside look and share what’s on our nightstand. We are starting at my house and in another post will share everyone else! Here’s the deal, I like my nightstand clean and simple, clutter free. Of course, most of the time at night, you will find my phone charging on […]

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How to: Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space

July 20, 2015

With this beautiful summer weather, we’ve spending a lot more time outdoors. We refreshed our porch and outdoor space with new furniture and accessories (post coming soon!), so my family is loving spending our evenings outside. How do you spruce up your outdoor space? How do you accessorize it? I’m here today to give you […]

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Fashion Friday: Comfortable Chic

July 17, 2015

Happy Friday to everyone! It’s been a while since we did a Fashion Friday so we’re excited to bring you another one. 🙂 We are featuring both my mom and me this time! Choosing outfits last week for Atlanta Market is always tricky because you have to be comfortable and stylish at the same time. […]

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Latest Obsession: Monograms

July 16, 2015

Alright, we know that monograms have been around FOREVER. However, we noticed at the Atlanta Gifts Market last week: monograms are even more prevalent now than they were last year. We saw them in about every showroom and especially fashion accessories.Thankfully, we monogram at our store so I can feed my monogram love! Adding a […]

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