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Trendy Finds at High Point Market

I kicked off the month by spending time in High Point Market! As a designer, this is one of my favorites places to find inspiration and this year did not disappoint. I’m sharing unique finds / trends that I cannot wait to incorporate in future projects. As a Style Spotter, I found myself experiencing HPMKT in a different light looking for the best of the best finds and sourcing the most unique pieces I’ve ever seen! Take a look below for some trends I spotted:

COLOR: In contrast to greys and neutrals, color is taking the center stage in accent pieces and I couldn’t be happier it’s the perfect way to spice up your interiors

LIGHTING AS ART: Who says lighting has to be boring? While functional, there are fun ways to make lighting a statement piece – And I definitely saw a lot of intricate pendants, chandeliers, and sconces that stopped me in my tracks!

FUNCTIONALITY OVER PERFECTION: I loved seeing the types of pieces that work hard so you don’t have to! Much like this coffee table with moving parts and working kitchen island!

A NOD TO NATURE: There’s nothing quite like the beauties of our natural world. From textured wood finishes to shiny seashells and more, I enjoyed seeing touches of nature worked into fabulous pieces.

High Point Market never fails to leave me inspired! I cannot wait to start incorporating these trends into some projects that are in the works — Stay tuned!

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