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Ways to Add Texture and Warmth to Your Space

My job as an interior designer is to transform houses into homes. I love nothing more than helping my clients find unique design pieces that really bring a room together that has just felt off. Figuring out how to bring life, texture and warmth into your space can be intimidating; there are SO many options to choose from! But, I promise it’s much easier than you think. Here are a few of my favorite tips for how to spruce up your home, one room at a time.

Florals. Adding plants and flowers is one of the easiest and most cost efficient way to bring texture and color into a room. I love adding flowers to a coffee table or placing a small plant in the corner. Incorporating greenery will create a natural focal point in any space, but won’t make the room feel overcrowded. I love this tip because it really hits two birds with one stone.

“You can refresh your space with something beautiful, while supporting your local farmers by purchasing your flowers from a local farmers market!”

Pillows with character. Pillows are a simple and quick way to bring a space together with color and texture. Swapping out pillows for each season is an awesome way to continuously incorporate new colors into your design. This keeps your space fresh and gives you the flexibility to change things up a bit on a whim.

A beautiful rug. Rugs are an easy decorating piece to overlook, but they are so important for bringing a room together and providing that WOW factor! When searching, make sure to look for fun patterns or textures that will catch your eye in all the right ways. The scalloped rug pictured below is a true triple threat. The light gray matches the overall color scheme of the master bedroom, while grabbing our attention by contrasting against the dark wooden floors. This rug is also giving us not one, but two types of texture, from the physical scalloped print and from its material, which I absolutely love.

Draperies. I could talk all day about draperies if anyone would let me! Incorporating window treatments is  one of my absolute favorite ways to bring a room to life and to provide the finishing touch to any room. Wether you want simple, sheer window treatments to let in lots of natural light, or go bold by incorporating thick draperies with a fun pattern, these are something you should never overlook! Bonus tip: Hang your drapery rod as close to the ceiling as possible to make the room feel higher and to “fake” a bigger space

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