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My Top Tips for Decorating & Organizing Your Bookshelves

I always love my visits with the team of Charlotte Today and last week I shared my top tips for decorating & organizing bookshelves.


Tip #1 Take it Off

     –Start your bookshelf design by taking everything off.  You will be amazed at how much clutter is actually on your shelves.  Now start adding back keeping these tips in mind.

Tip #2 Keep it Simple – Less is More

     –Add back a few special photos

     –Use pieces that are important to you

     –Use books as fillers and to give you height and balance and to fill larger spaces.

Tip #3  It’s All About Balance & Symmetry – Real and Visual

     –Add balance by using the same item on both sides of a double bookcase or add items that may not be the same but are of comparable sizes and visually are of equal weight.

Tip #4 Add Pops of Color

     –Bring your bookshelves to life by using pops of color that pull your room design together

     –Of course you know I love to add my favorite green boxwoods wherever possible — it adds color all year long

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