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Packing Tips for Moving

As excited as I am about our new home, our new neighborhood and a whole new design plan — I am not so excited about the packing process.  But having moved 6 times in the last 7 years, I’ve come up with a few packing tips that make life easier, help you reorganize and get rid of clutter.  So here we go:

1 – Start Early – there are always things you can pack early — seldom used kitchen items, off season clothes or off season decorations

#2 – Don’t Mix Items from Different Rooms – start in one space and only pack items in each box that will all go back in that space.

#3 – Label all Boxes as You Pack Them – and be detailed about it.  Write the room and what’s in the box.  If you can, it’s also helpful on move in day if you color code the labeling on each box.  Pink for your daughter, Green for the Kitchen, etc.

#4 – Electronics – When it comes to all of your precious electronics, bubble wrap the cords with the piece it goes with – don’t just throw all of the cords in a box.  And if you have several cords that all plug into one piece, take a photo on your phone of where each plug goes.  You’ll thank me for that one.

#5 – Consider Plastic Bins – this is great, especially if you are moving locally.  Take your hanging clothes and put them in bins,hangers and all.  It is so easy to go from the bin to hanging your clothes right up.

#6 – Don’t Use Newspaper – newspaper is dirty and can bleed onto dishes or important documents.

#7 – My Personal Favorite Tip – You need 3 things with you at all times in each room:

1 garbage bag for trash

1 garbage bag for donations

1 box for packing

Ask your yourself if you’ve used an item in the last year.  If not throw it away or donate it.

Now’s your chance to pack yourself into organizational bliss!

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