Perfect Palette

Freshly mixed and ready to play! I’ve been creating custom colors with Magnolia Paint Co. Benjamin Moore for several years and it is with great pleasure that I share my newest introductions to the line!

Brought to you from the saddle and inspired by the luscious greenery of the outdoors, yet sophisticated enough to spark conversations and create elevated interiors.

Strikes Blue: We were in search of the perfect navy and THIS IS IT! Bold and stately, just like its pony namesake. Not too too dark where it almost is black and not too too bright where it is almost royal – but just right to achieve that magical true navy that will work anywhere.

Way Too Charming: Our new favorite green! This smoky mix of green and grey is named after the sweetest baby pony that is beautifully handsome with a little bit of sassiness. This Grey/Green can go from a sophisticated library to a dramatic drop zone. Stunning in every finish from eggshell to high gloss.  We can’t imagine a surface that this wouldn’t be perfect on.

Mimi: Oh Mimi! In our opinion, it’s truly the prettiest shade of aqua EVER.  Sweet in its softness and adventurous, daring and inspiring in how it can bring out the true beauty in whatever surface it’s placed on. If you knew the real Mimi, you’d understand why we are so head over heels for this aqua.

Do you love bright and bold colors but are unsure where to get started in your home? Explore our Color Consultation service where our team will provide expert advice on one room or a whole home, cabinetry or exteriors where you will be guided through paint selections, sampling & matching trim and ceilings.

We hope you’re inspired to grab a can of paint and get to work updating your interiors! The full line is available for purchase, here.

What shades would you like to see next? Comment below and I’ll be sure to add it to my list!

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