Before and After

Porch Ceiling Paint

As many of you know, we have been in MAJOR repainting mode in our house for the last 2 months — and we are finally making it to the outside.  It’s been a crazy time — so much so that my youngest, Campbell, asked me why the painters weren’t in our house this morning.  They have become part of the family it seems.

The photo below is of our covered back porch before we purchased the house.  The sage green ceiling and heavy chairs are so not me.  So it’s time for bright, light and happy to happen.

I knew that I wanted to paint the ceiling a soft blue.  I’ve always been told that painting your porch ceiling blue fools the bugs into thinking that it’s the sky and they won’t nest there.

Well, in the South, there’s also an old legend that people painted their porch ceilings haint blue to keep away the haints also known as the evil spirits.

Honestly, I don’t care if it keeps the bugs or the evil spirits away as long as it’s pretty and happy and makes me smile when my family is out there.

I landed on the Valspar color Sky Blue! Then I added three awesome new fans and it’s opened and brightened up the entire porch!  The girls actually like being out there now and so do I.

I added the dining table chairs and area rug this weekend.  Next will be to add some artwork to the brick wall to tone down the red.  Stay tuned — a full reveal will be coming soon.  You know where I will be this evening.

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