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Antique vs. Modern: How to Define Your Home Using Pieces from Both Genres

Do you have a modern home but can’t deny your love for vintage and antique style? I’ve got you covered. There is nothing wrong with having a love for different styles of furniture and decor—in fact, it can make for a fun and interesting space. If done correctly, mixing and matching contemporary with traditional decor can transform any room into a beautiful melting pot of styles. Here are my tips for any creative homeowner who wants to incorporate various styles in a chic and effortless way.

Finding the right pieces. I suggest starting with a blank slate. Clear out the space you want to work on in order to create a plan. Now it’s decision time. What role do you want the pieces to play in your grand plan? Will they be the focal point or a great supporting character?

Keep the largest items the most current, yet neutral. Utilize pieces that you already own to blend both styles together. If you already have a modern sofa with clean lines, use pillows, chairs or small occasional tables with vintage or antique flair to incorporate both styles.

A modern focal point adds an eye catching element to a more traditional room

Achieving balance. They key to incorporating multiple styles in any space is to achieve balance between each genre. To do this, consider the number of items you want to include and the scale of those items from each style. For example, if you have a grand antique chandelier, balance it out with a modern dining table and chair set. Maybe you also use an antique dining table that’s been in the family for generations, so go more modern on your chairs and artwork. As long as there is balance between styles and scale of styles, feel free to play with different combinations until it feels perfect.

Use repetition through a pattern or color scheme. There are several different ways to work with different styles of decor and still encompass a cohesive look. Try having a simple color scheme for the items you will be using from each style. Or, use repetition from a fabric pattern or texture as a focal points in the space to guide your eyes around the room!

Vintage can be modern! If you find yourself stuck between modern and vintage, try out a few pieces that incorporate both characteristics. Mid-century modern design is a classic look that incorporates the handmade feel of vintage, with the simple, clean lines of modern design. It’s the best of both worlds.

When blending styles, it’s all about trial and error. Finding the right pieces to fit your desired aesthetic takes time, so be patient and your space will come together perfectly.

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