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How To Make Any Room Look Bigger

Who’s, ready for summer?!

Do you ever walk into your home and get the feeling that “there’s just too much going on?” Does your space feel cluttered and cramped? Fear not! I have some great tips to make any room look and feel bigger. With creative design choices you can make small changes to any room to get the most out of it. Here are some of my best tips.

Strip away unnecessary items. Reduce your clutter. Take everything out of the small room except for your major pieces of furniture that absolutely must stay. Then start adding back one piece at a time based on function first, then beauty. When you start to incorporate the decor accessories, add fewer, larger pieces to your space, rather than an abundance of smaller items. You will soon find that less is always more in a small space. 

Use oversized mirrors. Mirrors in any capacity will reflect and bounce light around a room. So, lets use them to their maximum potential and give the illusion of more space! You can also use mirrored furniture, which gives you the same effect without cluttering your walls.

Use leggy furniture. The more you can use furniture with an open base to it, the better.  The space underneath allows your eye to see beyond and through the furniture pieces, making the room appear larger. Heavy, blocky furniture pieces will close off the space, making it appear much smaller. Many dressers we are seeing on the market now have a 6-inch leg which gives the appearance of a taller, more open space.

Paint is your friend. Spice up your walls—and ceiling— the smart way! Paint is one of the best ways to make a space feel lighter or brighter. Paint or wallpaper your ceiling a darker color, and it will look like your ceiling is fading away, instead of bringing the ceiling down. Additionally, contrast the dark ceiling with a lighter crown molding a nd light walls to enhance that contrast.

Keep window treatments light.  Window treatments are one of the most important finishing touches in a space, but be aware, if done wrong, they can make a room look small. Maximizing your space has everything to do with pulling the eye upward, so mount your curtains as high as you can. The bottom of the panel should hit about a 1/2-inch above your floor for the longest line possible. As for colors, keep things fresh and light.

So pick your smallest room, or the room and just feels the smallest, and give it a well deserved make-over! Once your space is clutter-free and light as a feather, it may just become your favorite space in the house.

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