Bringing The Warm Colors Of Fall Into Your Home

Temperatures may still be warm here in Charlotte, but I am already thinking about fall and wanted to share my favorite tips on transitioning your home from summer to fall!

#1 Bring The Outdoors In – When I think of fall, I think about the beautiful changes happening outdoors. There is no better way to fully enjoy this, than by brining touches of nature in. Display pumpkins, gourds, apples, pinecones and foliage on your mantle or dining room table.

Tip: Create an overall look or theme that will last through Halloween and Thanksgiving to save you from decorating twice!

#2 Layer Up – Fall fashion is all about layering, so why not incorporate this into your home? Add rugs to bare hardware floors, bring out extra blankets in living spaces and swap out pillows. Textiles in rich colors (orange, navy, green) will add both texture and warmth to your space. Swap light linen fabrics for cozy furs and velvets.

#3 Woodsy Charm – Your fireplace is not just functional, it is also decorative. Growing up riding horses I love to bring rustic elements into a home, especially during the fall. Freshly cut firewood is the perfect decorative touch and will even have your home smelling like the great outdoors! For a final touch, print out your favorite family photos and place them in wooden photo frames.

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