My Paint Palette

As an interior designer, each day I am fully immersed in design and get to experience all the different aspects, even the “other side” of interior design that proves my work is not as glamorous as it may seem! From hands on involvement in renovations to painting, I am there each step of the way. Coordinating all the moving parts is a room can be challenging, but is ultimately why I love my job. When designing a room, I many times start with the paint color.

#1 What Paint Color Is Right For Your Space?

One of the things I try and figure out first when designing a space, is the paint tone – tan, gray, warmer hues, a combination?

I have a selection of favorite colors from Benjamin Moore that are my go to colors to present to my clients.

Typically, I like to pick a couple colors to use throughout the entire home, rather than having a different color in each space.

#2 Colors that are good for different rooms/homes and how to design with them

Classic Gray: This color is great to use as a neutral throughout the main areas of your home! Here, we painted the main living room, kitchen, and hallways in Classic Gray. The color is light and perfectly accentuates the blues in the room!

Alaskan Huskey: One of my absolute favorite to use in a bedroom because it is soft and calming, but adds a layer of depth to the walls! The beams were painted white to create an offset with the trim.

Van Desuen Blue: Used as a pop of color on the island to create excitement and to stray from all white cabinetry! Here with the bold island, I chose to keep the rest of the design simple. 

#3 My Custom Color

I am thrilled to announce that Benjamin Moore Magnolia Paint Company gave me the opportunity to mix up my very own custom paint color – “Makloud!”

There are so many paint colors out there, but I have always thought about taking that a step further and creating my perfect shade. So, I took my favorite neutral Classic Gray and mixed it with Alaskan Huskey.

The result: my perfect shade of gray! An exciting neutral that combines gray with a slight blue hue! The versatility allows it to be used in any area of the home, and it really stands out against the white trim.

Stay tuned for more custom colors to come!

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