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Tips For Designing A Teen Space

If you’re like me and are designing with your children in mind, the transition can sometimes be difficult when switching from childhood décor to a teen space. Figuring out this balance can be tricky, but do not let it overwhelm you – try to incorporate your teen’s personal style and you will have a space where they actually want to hang out!

#1 Keep In Mind The End Use For The Space

An important aspect in any home with teens is a designated “hangout space.”

Having the design flow with the rest of your house can be important, but consider asking your kids for their input – this is a fun project to work on together because you want to make sure the space appeals to them.

“Keeping all of this in mind, you will be able to create a dream hangout space where your kids and their friends will want to hang out, while you are still able to keep an eye on them!”

#2 Use High-Performance Fabrics

Inevitably things will spill and messes will be made, so I suggest using high-performance fabrics that will withstand all elements, including messy teens!

#3 Think Fun & Games

Remember, this is the one area in your home that is meant to be more laid back and casual.

As a mom, I’ve sure we’ve all heard “There’s nothing to do here, I’m bored” – take this opportunity to think about endless activities to keep your kids busy – a large screen for movies, gaming tables, board games, video games, arts/crafts, and be sure to include enough seating/space for when their friends come over.

I recently shared these tips on WBTV and you can watch the full segment here!

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