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How To: Set Up Your Home Office To Be Your Most Productive Self

I know setting up a space to work from home can sometimes be a daunting task. Easily met with distractions and pulled in different directions from family responsibilities, to household chores, sometimes getting your job done at home is more difficult than you think.

For me, design is an easy and simple solution to solve this problem. When faced with a design project, creating a home office is always fun.

Before I start designing, I like to take a step back and think about the purpose of the room. I always ask myself, and my client these questions:

Will you be working from the home office every day?

Will the office be used for meetings with clients?

Or, will the space be a mixture of both?

If you are planning to work from home everyday, productivity is key. Zoning in on the elements that will help you stay on track are most important here. On the other hand, if you plan to meet with clients from home, I tend to think the overall style and design can take a heavier weight in importance.

After figuring out the end use, I tailor these simple steps below for each project to form a design that will fit your personal needs.

If Possible, Find The Quietest Area In The House: One of the luxuries to working from home is a quiet environment. If you have the option, always choose a room with a door so you can shut out household noise to focus better.

“If you are unable to use an entire room in your home as an office, make sure your selected area is dedicated specifically to your work. Making this distinction, helps yield a more positive work ethic.”

Declutter, Declutter, Declutter: This seems obvious, right? Well sometimes desks get so overcrowded that it becomes difficult to sit down and focus. I suggest taking everything off and only bringing back the things you use on a day-to-day basis. If you have built in shelving, this is a great place to artfully display the “clutter” that was originally on your desk.

Lighting: Natural lighting is your best friend and resource. Try positioning your desk near windows to optimize natural lighting. Utilizing desk and floor lamps to maximize lighting with a soft glow, will create a well lit space for work.

Comfort is Key: Now this element can be tricky. Sitting on a couch all day might be so comfortable that you are unable to get work done. This is where you can get creative, a stylish and plush desk chair will be comfortable to sit in all day and can double as a statement piece.

I know a lot of debate is still circulating on whether or not employees are more productive from a home or work office, yet I can’t help but believe that a well thought out and designed home office helps increase productivity!

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