Burgundy Is Back – Home Decor Trends

Pick up any fashion magazine or look on just about any social media site and you will see Burgundy everywhere.  It’s back and in a big way – in home decor and fashion.  Now, trust me, we have had a lot of conversations about this over the last several weeks.  First, nobody likes the word Burgundy.  It seems like it takes us back to the 90s when Burgundy and Hunter Green ruled the roost.

Well never fear, whether you want to call it Burgundy or Merlot or Oxblood or Garnet – it’s still Burgundy.  But it’s an updated Burgundy that is less Brown based and more purple based.   Now I’m not suggesting that you go backwards to Burgundy and Hunter Green.  But touches of the old/new color can sure add some spice to your life and show that you are right on trend.

Here are a few ways to incorporate Burgundy into your home decor and your personal style as an accent or hey go crazy with it.

Freshen up your basic black outfit with a pop of Burgundy Color!  So Chic!

Mix the return of Burgundy with the return of Gold to make a major statement.

With all of the white and grey we are using in our clean, neutral decor today – accent pillows of Burgundy will add just a bit of sophistication and glam to any room.  And what could be easier than pillows to update your space.

Whether it’s a little or a lot come back to the future with Awesome Burgundy.  I know I am.

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