Design Tips

Designing With Dogs

My adorable pup, Lucy, joined me on WBTV Morning Break to talk about decorating with dogs and protecting your pretty furnishings from your furry friends!

#1. Using Performance Fabrics – While there is something idyllic about cozying up on a plush velvet sofa, it is often not practical in our everyday lives! With kids, pets, and everyday messes, a performance fabric holds high value. Wipe off a stain with ease and your furniture is as good as new! The beauty of performance fabrics is that you never have to choose beauty over function, with endless colors and fabrics your options are limitless.


#2. Dog-Friendly Bedding Fabrics – For those of us who love to cuddle up with our adorable pooches each night, dog-friendly bedding is a must and some studies even suggest that humans get a better night’s sleep while snuggling a dog! Place a pet-friendly bed scarf on top of your comfortable to serve as an extra layer of protection from dog hairs, scratches, and dirt. Washable throws are perfect for pups that like to burrow under them. Don’t forget the floor! Place a flat weave rug of man-made fibers by bedroom entryway doors to catch dirt from your pet’s paws before they climb in bed.

#3 Dog-Friendly Accessories – When it comes to your furry friends, you should not let their personal needs compromise your home design. I suggest taking note of your personal design aesthetic and incorporating this into your pet’s accessories. Think clear jars filled with treats and baskets that match your overall color scheme to place dog toys, leashes, etc. so that everything has a place.

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