Designing With Green

I just returned from the High Point market and the color we saw everywhere was Green -which is one of my favorite colors. For the past couple of years everyone has been focused on neutrals and grays and I am really excited to see a rich, vibrant shade making a comeback! This green pairs perfectly with the greys and blues we’ve seen so much of and the warm beiges that are also making a comeback.

#1 Green Accents – You want to consider the right shade of green for your space – do you want a calming or energizing effect? I’m always a firm believer that each room needs a touch of a natural element and green is the perfect way to start! Each hue of green will reflect the beautiful outdoors, brining life inside! I typically consider having green work as accents in a room – fabrics, pillows, wall coverings, or greenery and florals can do the trick!


#2 Paint It Green – I introduced “Fresh Fennel” with Benjamin Moore and am so happy to see it on Wildwood Select Custom Furniture! The other neutrals in my color palette, or stand alone as a statement piece!

#3 New Ways To Design With Green I just got back from High Point Furniture Market and green was everywhere! A beautiful, rich toned green that pairs nicely with anything from other rich colors to a simple statement with your neutrals. After leaving Market, I am always thinking about new ways to bring industry trends into our day-to-day life and I am so excited to keep the momentum of this green going!

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