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Paring Down

Downsizing Can be Painless

Not only am I reducing the size of my home by 1000 square feet, we’re also going from an open concept floor plan to a floor plan that has more defined and smaller rooms.  This means downsizing in all areas is a must.  So I don’t make myself a crazy person, I’m sticking to a few downsizing rules that will make this entire process easier.

**Determine Your Lifestyle in your new home — how does your family live and how is each space going to function for you.

In our family, we need a crafting, creative space for the girls, a space for playing the piano or just having some quiet time, a space where we can lounge on our sectional sofa, office space for both Chris and I and an awesome outside space as we love being outside as much as inside.  So now I:

**Start by Taking Stock – ask yourself:

“what are the things we absolutely can’t live without &

“what are the things that I haven’t used in the last year &

“what are the things that I need to fulfill our lifestyle needs”?


**Start Editing  (that’s fancy talk for Declutter)

In the Kitchen ask yourself:  “do I need 3 sets of dishes?”  “do I need 37 coffee mugs that don’t match?”

In the playroom:  Do one cut without your kids and either throw away or donate those toys you know the kids are grown out of.  Now do a 2nd cut with the kids and let them decide–of the toys that are left, which are ones that they really don’t want any more and can donate to other children.

In the storage room:  If you haven’t used any seasonal decorations in the last year — get rid of them.

In your closets:  If you haven’t worn it in the last year – donate it!

**Lastly, re-edit when you unpack

Your perspective changes a little when you are in your new home.  You’re not under as much stress — you know the stress when you are so sick of packing you just pack everything anyway?

As you’re unpacking take a fresh look at each thing and ask yourself – “does this fit into my new space and my new chapter in life”

Change is hard in the Beginning,

Messy in the Middle and

Gorgeous at the End.

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