A Fresh Start to The New Year!

At the start of a new year, we’re always thinking about personal, health, and financial goals for  the year but I challenge you to consider another aspect of your life – your home. More than ever  before, your home is a central place. 

While I hope for a new year of change I do foresee that we will continue to spend more time in  our homes and there’s no reason your home shouldn’t give you joy and function for your current  and ever changing needs, so I have a few tips for refreshing your home for the new year! 

#1. A place for everything and everything in its place! 

With the busy coming-and-going in family homes, I cannot stress the importance of an  organized drop-zone. These cabinets are a perfect solution to hide the “mess” in plain sight.  This is such a fun area to get creative with – paint the walls and cabinets, add fun wallpaper as a  statement element, or add personal touches like a bulletin boards to hang the kiddos’ artwork.  And we can’t forget my favorite part – ventilated storage for shoes!



#2. Go bold! 

A new year calls for more chances to go big and bold and achieve something you haven’t  before! This goes for your home design too — A fun, patterned wallpaper in a smaller space,  such as a powder room, immediately makes the space stand-out and leave a lasting  impression. Let 2021 be a year full of “why-not”s!


#3. Create Your Own Spa at Home 

Everyone deserves a space to relax and call your own little sanctuary. A beautiful, light, and airy  master bathroom design can be just that place. When it comes to designing your master  bathroom, I always like to capitalize on the natural light beaming through windows, while still  allowing for privacy of course. A beautiful quartz or marble countertop paired with a patterned  tile give the space depth as the gold accents give a little color. An elegant stand-alone tub being  the cherry on-top but, warning: you may never want to leave! 

#4. Declutter your Kitchen Counters 

In a busy home like mine, often times the kitchen counters become a dumping ground for mail,  kids’ textbooks, and bills. I find when I clear the counters so that they’re free of clutter, elements  of the design tend to stand-out more — Like the metallic shimmer in a patterned backsplash or  the beautiful details within marble countertops.

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