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New Year, New Design Resolutions

Home Design Resolutions

How do 2020 New Years resolutions apply to our home?


Once all of the Holiday decorations are packed away it’s the perfect time to take stock of how you want your home to feel, look and function in the new year. You have a clean slate so take a few minutes and ask yourself these questions:

#1. Resolve to reduce clutter in your home – One great way to do this is to take everything off of your bookshelves and start fresh. Put back only those things that are meaningful to you (like family photos) or enhance the rooms’ appearance. You’ll be amazed at how doing this one thing can change your entire room.

#2. Resolve to tackle some of those home renovation projects you’ve been wanting to do for years – Make a list in order of the top 5 things you’d love to do in your home. Then make a game plan to get it done one project at a time. Sometimes we get bogged down because we look at all of the things that we want to do and it seems like too huge of a task, so we don’t do anything.

Painting the kitchen island in my personal home has been on my “wishlist” for awhile and is one of the things I plan to tackle in 2020!

#3. Resolve to take a chance – Take a chance on using a color that you’d really love to have in your home. Take a chance by adding a design element like wallpaper on a ceiling or wallpapering your entire powder room.

4. Resolve to only bring into your home things that you love – This is one of the biggest mistakes that I see clients make — buying things on the spur of the moment — that look great in the store and then they get it home and it’s too big or too small or just doesn’t work.

5. Resolve to have family friendly spaces – You can have beautiful furnishings and spaces that also function for your busy life with kids, work and pets. It’s one of the things that I focus on everyday with every client.

Check out my recent segment on WCNC for more insight on improving your living space in the New Year.

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