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It’s Time To Deck The Halls!

With Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner, I have upcoming plans with my family and friends on my mind. Whether you’re having friends over for a dinner party, hosting a kid-friendly party, or your extended family is heading in for the holidays now is the time to start decking the halls. I know, I know, it might be “too early” for some to start thinking about this, but believe me if you start now it will help ease the stress of holiday decorating. Leaving you with more time to relax and enjoy the holiday season.

Elegant Equestrian – Throughout the year my family home is adorned with comfortable furnishings and decorative accents. I like to describe my personal style as modern traditional with a nod to nature and a touch of unexpected glitz and glam! When it comes time to decorate for the holidays, I take bits and pieces of my everyday style and add in my natural love for horses and nature to create an overall style that works with the rest of the home.

Don’t be afraid to make the space your own! Who said Christmas couldn’t have an equestrian flair? This year I challenge you to stray from the traditional red and green Christmas decorations and think “outside of the box”.

Natural Color Palette – In the living room, I’ve decorated with colors inspired by nature – ivory, champagne, dark brown. While there are symbols of traditional holiday decor sprinkled throughout (reindeers, ornaments, trees) I wanted the decorations to look like they belong in my home and could stay up longer than the month of December.

Holiday Prepping – in the Clement household, the holiday traditions only begin with decorating the main areas of the household. I cherish spending every moment with my two girls making new memories each season.

From baking and decorating Christmas cookies, to holiday crafts with the girls, the kitchen island serves as our home base.

The holiday decor continues into the kitchen with an easy DIY burlap ribbon, red bow, aluminum star, and holly spring (another nod to nature) tied on the back of each barstool.

Keep it Cozy – Remember that the holidays are supposed to be some of the most enjoyed times of the year spent with friends and family. This cozy breakfast nook is one of my favorite areas to enjoy family meals. Every holiday season I look forward to decorating this raw wood chest with anything from homemade gingerbread houses and family photos, to favorite decorations we’ve collected over the years.

If you missed the live broadcast this week, head over to Queen City Life for additional tips and tricks on decorating your home for the holidays!

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