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Master Bedroom Refresh

With the start of a New Year as you plan for a successful year ahead, there is no better time to refresh your space to best reflect other changes and goals you have set for the upcoming year.

Today, I’ll be sharing tips on refreshing a master bedroom. The master bedroom is often one of the most overlooked rooms in the house. Clients will mention wanting to save this area of the home for last because no one else sees the space but themselves. However, this should be all the more reason to make the space pleasing. If it is the first and last thing you see each day. Think comfort, function and of, course style.

Details + Plan + Layout – What kind of bedroom refresh are you hoping to achieve – swapping out bedding for a quick fix, or a complete refresh with new furniture, paint (or wallpaper) and fixtures.

Things to consider – What is the function of the bedroom? Do you use this space simply for sleeping, or could you benefit from a setting area for reading, answers emails, and sipping morning coffee? After determining the function of the room, you will be able to better select the furniture layout.

Soothing Colors – Research suggests that a soothing, natural color palette in a bedroom is one of the best ways to calm the spirit and yield a good night’s sleep

Lighting – I have found that lighting is one of the most overlooked concepts in homes, although when properly done it has the impact to completely transform a space.

Things to consider:

– Swap out bright white bulbs for warm white bulbs

– Install a dimmer to assist with controlling lighting throughout the day and night

– If you have lamps on your nightstands flanking the bed, 30” sized lamps will provide optimal lighting for when you’re seated in bed

– If your bedroom has large, open windows, install draperies with blackout lining to block unwanted light

Quality Makes A Big Impact – Now is the time to invest in your happiness. Splurge on pieces that will make a lasting impact – bedding, window treatments and lighting. While this might be a large investment up front, the quality of the pieces will uphold for years to come – making the right decisions up front means you won’t be buying twice a few years later.

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