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What’s Trending in 2020?

New year, new designs!


It’s hard to believe we’ve rung in the new year. After watching 2019 come to a close, I’m looking back on trends that were relevant throughout the past year and thinking ahead to a new year filled with new design trends.

Today I am sharing several of the top home decor trends to consider when updating your home in the new year. These trends are simple, fail-proof ways to increase both the functionality and aesthetic of your home.

What’s trending in the bathroom?

Bold Color is back – In 2019 we saw a slow but steady transition in the home steering away from neutrals and heading back to bold pops of color.

The simplest way to follow this trend is by adding a fresh coat of paint to the cabinets creating that “wow factor” your looking for.

Contrasting Tile Patterns – Completely transform your bathroom by arranging tile in unexpected ways to yield big results.

Stray from traditional tile placement and experiment by creating unique patterns and making a statement by placing multiple tiles throughout the space.

What’s trending in the kitchen?

Anything but White Kitchens – In 2019, we saw an influx of all-white kitchens, but 2020 will show that it’s time to incorporate more interest in the space. So, how do you do you incorporate color without overdoing it? For this recent renovation, I started with neutrals and then built upon that with blue cabinets and a striking chandelier. All the while simplistic, but a nice step away from the traditional all-white kitchen.

Not just a place to cook – It is becoming more and more popular for kitchens to be designed with functionality in mind. Kitchens are no longer seen as the room where you can only cook and eat. In this kitchen, I took advantage of the extra cabinet space and created a corner perfect for organizing household items (mail, bills, etc.) and even a perfect spot for the kids to work on homework while dinner is being prepped.

What home design trends are you eager to try in 2020?

Head over to WCNC Charlotte-Today to hear more about the top trends I’m looking fowrward to in this new year.

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