Introducing Color to Your Cabinetry

Spring is officially here and I have been thinking about new and unexpected ways to bring color back into the home. For the past couple of years neutral hues have taken a forefront in interior design, and I am excited to see a color change starting with cabinetry.

Introducing Color to Your Cabinetry – Traditionally we have seen white cabinetry used throughout kitchens, bathrooms and laundry room. I enjoy experimenting with new paint colors and seeing the magic of how a coat of paint has the power to completely transform a space.

#1 Mix It Up In The Kitchen – Use a bright pop of color on a center island to create a contrast again white cabinetry in the kitchen.

#2 Create a Calm and Serene Bathroom – When it came to this neutral and luxury bathroom, I decided to incorporate color in the cabinetry instead of the tile or accessories.

If you do not want to stray too far from a neutral paint color, choose cabinetry paint similar to this. While this color can still be considered a neutral, the hue creates more interest in a bathroom than a traditional white.

#3 – Stylish Storage in The Laundry Room – While laundry room cabinets are often considered for their practicality, painting the cabinets will turn this functional space into a beautiful room. This is a simple way to add style to any otherwise simplistic space.


Learn more about my top tips and tricks for adding color to your cabinetry on WBTV’s Morning Break.

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