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Transform Your Outdoor Space

Hello, summer! Summertime is here and is in full swing. With warmer days and kids out on summer vacation, I want to share tips on reimagining and recreating your outdoor area to get the most out of the space this summer and on into the fall. It’s time to turn that unused patio into an outdoor oasis!

What is the goal of your outdoor space? Consider the desired function of your outdoor space and how it can be used year-round. Is it for entertaining? Or is it simply to get out of the house and enjoy the fresh air and possibly watch tv or huddle around a fireplace? Once you determine how your family plans to use the space, you may create a flow of traffic, furniture layout and make a list of what needs to happen to achieve the desired end goal.

PERFORMANCE FABRICS: Believe it or not there are fabrics that can be outside 365 days of the year. Gone are the days of having to bring cushions inside when a storm rolls in. Cushions and pillows made in performance fabrics can be hosed down for quick and easy cleanup. Additionally, the frames of outdoor furniture pieces have really come a long way – beautiful finishes that are meant to be outside all the time and hold up so that your investment will last a long time outside.

INDOOR / OUTDOOR LIVING: Your outdoor porch is an extension of your interior. If you want to use this outdoor space 365 days of the year, think about enclosing it with a screened porch. Or, you can enclose the space with a window system that can be opened and closed so that in the wintertime it’s nice and cozy and in the summertime, it can be open for the breeze. Special touches such as nice big fans and a fireplace will turn the space into a room so it really does become an extension of your home.

GET CREATIVE: These changes don’t have to be expensive! Grab colorful and patterned throw pillows for the chairs and decorative accents to spice up your coffee table. Even plants and flowers are a great way to add interest and color to the space. Remember, it doesn’t have to be a whole room makeover and you can create a fabulous space through small changes.

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Design Tips

Trendy Finds at High Point Market

I kicked off the month by spending time in High Point Market! As a designer, this is one of my favorites places to find inspiration and this year did not disappoint. I’m sharing unique finds / trends that I cannot wait to incorporate in future projects. As a Style Spotter, I found myself experiencing HPMKT in a different light looking for the best of the best finds and sourcing the most unique pieces I’ve ever seen! Take a look below for some trends I spotted:

COLOR: In contrast to greys and neutrals, color is taking the center stage in accent pieces and I couldn’t be happier it’s the perfect way to spice up your interiors

LIGHTING AS ART: Who says lighting has to be boring? While functional, there are fun ways to make lighting a statement piece – And I definitely saw a lot of intricate pendants, chandeliers, and sconces that stopped me in my tracks!

FUNCTIONALITY OVER PERFECTION: I loved seeing the types of pieces that work hard so you don’t have to! Much like this coffee table with moving parts and working kitchen island!

A NOD TO NATURE: There’s nothing quite like the beauties of our natural world. From textured wood finishes to shiny seashells and more, I enjoyed seeing touches of nature worked into fabulous pieces.

High Point Market never fails to leave me inspired! I cannot wait to start incorporating these trends into some projects that are in the works — Stay tuned!


Perfect Palette

Freshly mixed and ready to play! I’ve been creating custom colors with Magnolia Paint Co. Benjamin Moore for several years and it is with great pleasure that I share my newest introductions to the line!

Brought to you from the saddle and inspired by the luscious greenery of the outdoors, yet sophisticated enough to spark conversations and create elevated interiors.

Strikes Blue: We were in search of the perfect navy and THIS IS IT! Bold and stately, just like its pony namesake. Not too too dark where it almost is black and not too too bright where it is almost royal – but just right to achieve that magical true navy that will work anywhere.

Way Too Charming: Our new favorite green! This smoky mix of green and grey is named after the sweetest baby pony that is beautifully handsome with a little bit of sassiness. This Grey/Green can go from a sophisticated library to a dramatic drop zone. Stunning in every finish from eggshell to high gloss.  We can’t imagine a surface that this wouldn’t be perfect on.

Mimi: Oh Mimi! In our opinion, it’s truly the prettiest shade of aqua EVER.  Sweet in its softness and adventurous, daring and inspiring in how it can bring out the true beauty in whatever surface it’s placed on. If you knew the real Mimi, you’d understand why we are so head over heels for this aqua.

Do you love bright and bold colors but are unsure where to get started in your home? Explore our Color Consultation service where our team will provide expert advice on one room or a whole home, cabinetry or exteriors where you will be guided through paint selections, sampling & matching trim and ceilings.

We hope you’re inspired to grab a can of paint and get to work updating your interiors! The full line is available for purchase, here.

What shades would you like to see next? Comment below and I’ll be sure to add it to my list!

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Design Tips

A Place for Everything

A place for everything…we’re sharing home organization finds that are perfect for any lifestyle.

My design philosophy that “Family + Functional = Fabulous” applies to each area of the home. Knowing that there is a place for everything  and taking advantage of simplistic solutions that’ll help keep you and your family organized and stylish.

Whether it’s for…

the Home Office or “Multi-Functional Room” 


For the Kiddos…


For the Kitchen…


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Spring Home Refresh

With the start of a new season, spring cleaning and refreshing is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Today, I’ll be sharing tips for a simple home refresh this spring. 

Crisp & Clean – Start by tidying things up around the house and using this time to make sure everything is in its place. As you go through the house tidying and wiping down things, take stock of what your family has and make piles for donating. Last but not least, snip fresh flowers from the yard (or take a trip to the market) and buy new candles to place throughout the home. 

Photo Refresh – One of the quickest and most cost effective ways to change things up in your home is to swap photos in frames throughout the home. Whether you’re printing new photos from the past winter, or looking through old family photos from albums this is an easy swab that will make you (and your family) smile each time they see their framed memories. 

Appeal to your Senses – Take advantage of the warmth from fresh sunlight this season. Whether this is a sunroom or outdoor area that has been neglected, now is the time to breathe new life into this space so that you’re able to enjoy as the weather warms up. Set up a reading nook in a sunroom that’s perfect for morning coffee sipping and cozying up with ta good book. Or, turn your yard into an oasis with outdoor furniture.

Play Musical Decor – Rearranging furniture and playing with what you already have is a great way for a spring refresh. Investing in high-quality pieces like art, decor and accent furniture will pay off when they can be brought from room to room to switch things up. 

Design Tips

Lighting 101

When it comes to lighting my rule of thumb is that “bigger is always better”. Lighting has the ability to completely make or break a space both in its functionality and through the element of design.

Where to start? More than half of homes are under lit. I often find that homeowners overlook additional sources of lighting thinking that can lights in the ceiling and a table lamp is enough. However, following these simple rules and understanding what type of lighting is best for each space will help solve this puzzle. It is important to have various sources of light in each room depending on time of day and what the room is being used for. Always remember to install dimmers to allow adjustable light during the day and night.

Let’s get started! What goes where and Knowing The Different Types of Fixtures . . .

Pendant Lighting – Suspends from the ceiling and directs light downward. Pendants are great for a kitchen islands and entryways because of their versatility in being able to provide enough task lighting for cooking and prepare meals and enough lighting for general illumination in a room.

Chandelier – Suspends from the ceiling and directs light upward. Chandeliers are most commonly sourced to provide the “finishing touch” to a space but if selected properly they have the ability do more than make a statement

Wall Sconce – Directly mounted to the wall and directs light either upwards or downwards (deepening on the light). Sconces are best used for task lighting in entryways, hallways, bathrooms and are great for highlighting artwork

Lamp – Directs light downward. Lamps are primarily used for tasks lighting, such as reading in bed or lighting up a small under lit corner in a main living area.

Design Tips

Creating a Spa-Like Bathroom

After a long day, there is nothing quite like a little rest and relaxation! So, why not unwind in-style right in your own home. Creating an at-home pampering experience is easy, especially if you think ahead and incorporate some of these things into initial design concepts or keep it mind for when it comes time for a big home renovation.  


Color Palette + Paint Selections – Soft neutrals in various shades of white and grey are proven to soothe, relax and help the mind and body unwind after a stressful day. If you’re more into colors and patterns consider other ways to incorporate in the design such as drapery, accessories and even tile selections. 



Is a Freestanding Bathtub Worth the Hype? – A very common question that is certainly up for debate depending on who you ask! While a freestanding bathtub can be utilized for long soaks with a book and glass of wine to unwind, if you’re not going to use the tub on a regular basis consider maximizing space and turning this area into a vanity that will be used on a daily bases or reworking the layout to incorporate a large, walk in shower. 



Clear the Clutter – Who isn’t guilty of hoarding product and leaving the countertops a mess after rushing to get ready? Thinking ahead and building custom cabinetry creates a simple system for storing product. In a space this luscious, you’ll want to put up product as you go as to not create a mess.



Luxe Material Selection – It truly is the small details that can help bring a room together and create the overall spa-like experience. Knowing the different types of tile, countertops and flooring and understanding their purpose and and qualities will help with the selection process. The market has numerous solutions to fit your needs so design style should never be compromised when it comes to selection.


Design Tips

Creative Alternatives to The Traditional Home Office Space 

Over the past year, home office design and work from home spaces have become trending design topics. Today, I’ll be sharing creative design solutions for a home workspace that is tailored to fit your current lifestyle needs.

Multi-Functional Zone – A functioning home office space that easily disappears and transforms into a sophisticated family room. This space is unique in that a white board is “hidden” on a track behind gorgeous fine art. When the space is in use, simply slide the art for a functioning white board. If you’re unable to incorporate something to this scale, consider ways in which you can manipulate your space to function for work but also easily be placed away during no work hours.

A Functional Space for Busy Families – The work space has to work for your particular lifestyle if you’re going to get use out of it. This corner office space (right off the kitchen) doubles as a homework station so parents can easily make sure kiddos stay on track while giving them space to focus. Everything from household supplies for paying bills and writing notes to homework/craft essentials can be close at hand in the drawers/cabinets but easily out of sight when not being used.

The Non Traditional Office Space – Sometimes a formal desk and office setting is not for everyone and the perks of being able to work from home are creating a space that works for you. This space is perfectly cozy nook with a fireplace and TV for lounging, or the double doors can be pulled shut to help focus. If you don’t have a full space to dedicate, consider a small corner in your master bedroom or closet where you can incorporate a cozy chair and table. Creativity has the ability to spark when you’re comfortable and at ease!

Small Space, Big Impact – When a designated room for an office is not an option, think about taking a corner of your family room and adding in a work station. Consider how this space can work with the existing style/design of the room so your eye isn’t immediately drawn to a desk in the corner.

Design Tips

Design Details That Make a Big Impact in 2021!

2021 is here, and I think everyone is ready for a little refresh! Lately, we’ve all spent much more time at home, and perhaps you’ve noticed little details throughout your space that aren’t working for your new “normal” routine. Today I’m discussing a few subtle changes that will leave you feeling fresh, organized, and ready to take on the year! 

#1. An organized Laundry Room makes laundry-time painless! 

In a busy home, the laundry room often becomes a dumping-ground for clothes, shoes, towels, you name it! Because laundry rooms are typically smaller spaces, you have to get a little creative when it comes to storage – For example, installing a hanging rack for newly pressed dress shirts or narrow cabinets for clean towels or linens!

#2. Designate a space for down-time 

If there’s anything we learned from such an unprecedented year, it’s that having your own spot for relaxing and refocusing is key! I love including a seating area within a master suite. It provides a cozy spot to curl-up with a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine!) and soak-in some much needed “me-time”.



#3. Dress-up your home-office with lighting fixtures + fun accessories! Who says your work-from-home space has to be boring? Simple statement pieces like a bold pendant, fresh florals, or patterned accent wall are sure to keep you alert and focused as check-off your to-do’s!



A Fresh Start to The New Year!

At the start of a new year, we’re always thinking about personal, health, and financial goals for  the year but I challenge you to consider another aspect of your life – your home. More than ever  before, your home is a central place. 

While I hope for a new year of change I do foresee that we will continue to spend more time in  our homes and there’s no reason your home shouldn’t give you joy and function for your current  and ever changing needs, so I have a few tips for refreshing your home for the new year! 

#1. A place for everything and everything in its place! 

With the busy coming-and-going in family homes, I cannot stress the importance of an  organized drop-zone. These cabinets are a perfect solution to hide the “mess” in plain sight.  This is such a fun area to get creative with – paint the walls and cabinets, add fun wallpaper as a  statement element, or add personal touches like a bulletin boards to hang the kiddos’ artwork.  And we can’t forget my favorite part – ventilated storage for shoes!



#2. Go bold! 

A new year calls for more chances to go big and bold and achieve something you haven’t  before! This goes for your home design too — A fun, patterned wallpaper in a smaller space,  such as a powder room, immediately makes the space stand-out and leave a lasting  impression. Let 2021 be a year full of “why-not”s!


#3. Create Your Own Spa at Home 

Everyone deserves a space to relax and call your own little sanctuary. A beautiful, light, and airy  master bathroom design can be just that place. When it comes to designing your master  bathroom, I always like to capitalize on the natural light beaming through windows, while still  allowing for privacy of course. A beautiful quartz or marble countertop paired with a patterned  tile give the space depth as the gold accents give a little color. An elegant stand-alone tub being  the cherry on-top but, warning: you may never want to leave! 

#4. Declutter your Kitchen Counters 

In a busy home like mine, often times the kitchen counters become a dumping ground for mail,  kids’ textbooks, and bills. I find when I clear the counters so that they’re free of clutter, elements  of the design tend to stand-out more — Like the metallic shimmer in a patterned backsplash or  the beautiful details within marble countertops.