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Bring Your Outdoor Space To Life

As the days begin to grow longer and warmer, there is no place I would rather spend my time than outdoors. From horseback riding to finishing work at night on the patio, there is just something about taking full advantage of warmer weather.

I’m mixing things up this summer and instead of talking about “bringing the outside in,” I’ll be sharing tips on “bringing the inside out” to help maximize your outdoor space and increase its functionality.

Outdoor Pillows – Punch up your outdoor color palette from season-to-season by swapping out pillows (and even cushions) to create a new and refreshing look.

Accessorize – When it comes to the small details in an outdoor space, think like you would for an interior – textiles with performance fabrics to withstand the elements, artwork, candles, vases. For accent furniture, think garden stools as poufs as accent furniture (that will also double as extra seating).

Fire Pit – As summer nights tend to bring a slight chill, a fire pit is the perfect solution to provide warmth and help extend your time spent outdoors.

Kids Zone – If you are designing with children in mind, consider creating a fun zone for activities to keep your kids active all summer long that also encourage exploring, building, creating and learning (chalk, bubbles, sporting goods, pool toys).

For more insight on sprucing up your outdoor space, check out this segment on WCNC:

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