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Light it Up – How To: Make an Impact Against Low Ceilings With Lighting

While so many of us have high ceilings in new construction homes, Charlotte has so many beautiful, older homes that have lower ceilings and that can be a challenge to make rooms feel light, bright and expansive.

Lighting is often one of the most overlooked concepts in any space, although it has the power to make a great impact. Today I am excited to share tips on combatting low ceilings with proper lighting solutions.

Overhead Lighting- For a center fixture, the general role of thumb is that it should be wider than it is taller. This will help better disperse light throughout the space and fit in the room nicely without feeling like an imposition in the space. Additionally, recessed lights are also a great idea to help keep a space bright and evenly lit.

Task and Ambient Lighting – A variation in heights is nice to help achieve both task and ambient lighting – a combination of floor lamps, accent lamps on a sofa/console table and table lamps. Make sure the shades are white or light in color to keep the space bright.

Dimmers – All recessed lights and fixtures should be on a dimmer to maximize light on gloomy days, or at night time, so they can be adjusted to softer lighting as needed. With lower ceilings light can feel more harsh, yet it can also be more functional so a dimmer is a lifesaver.

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