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Decking Your Halls For The Holidays

The Clement household loves celebrating Christmas and decorating the home. Even though things are proving to be a bit different this year, we’re looking for new and creative ways to have fun and deck the halls this holiday season. Today, I’ll be sharing a few tips on making Christmas special, even if you’re celebrating away from loved ones.

It’s Never “Too Early” – Do Christmas decorations make you cheerful and lift your spirits? If you answered yes, then it’s not to early to start decorating! I might be breaking my own rules this year but our home is already decorated and we couldn’t be happier.

Light up the night! – This year we went bright and bold with decorations and installed gorgeous lights on the outside. This not only makes us smile but is a special treat for our neighbors at night

We even had the help of a few elves from The Elf Squad Charlotte to help bring in the holiday cheer!

Remember What’s Important To You – Even if you’re not attending typical holiday parties, there’s no reason you can’t set up decorations and keep special traditional alive. For the Clement family, Christmas is much more than pretty deceptions, it’s about celebrating our favorite time of the year together and making memories. My girls enjoy hot coco and baking cookies, so I’ve set up a station in the kitchen where they can easily grab and go as needed. What are your favorite traditions? Think about what’s important to you and incorporate into your decorations this year.

Are you feeling festive? Head over to QC Life to view some of my favorite holiday tips:

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Are You Working From Home? These Quick Tips & Tricks Will Set You Up For Maximum Productivity!

Creating a work from home environment can be very exciting yet very stressful for some so here are a few tips to help get everyone situated in what looks to be our new normal for the foreseeable future.

1. Make sure that your space has a door. It sounds silly I know but you need to make sure that you can truly focus on your work and you are able to be closed off from any distractions. Especially with kids most likely at home they will need something to help them adjust to the fact that Mom or Dad is home but that does not mean they are available 24/7. A door will also help to keep noises in and out and keeping your furry friends in or out as well!

2. Get organized! Think about baskets or bins or file holders on your desk or a close by hard surface to help keep your paperwork nice and tidy. A clean and crips work surface is important to mentally stay focused on the task at hand.

3. Technology- you may need to consider an ear bud like the Apple Air Pods or some type of noise canceling head phone, especially if you are on the phone a lot. Also think about your laptop, computer or tablet and where you will plug in to stay charged and ready to go. We rely so heavily on technology these days that making sure all devices are easily accessed and charged is vital to a successful work day.

4. Personalization! It is important to WANT to go into your new home office so adding personal touches like a vase of your fave flowers, family photos, some decor in your favorite colors, a cool chair that is comfy and cute, any pieces that warm your space and make it your own will help boost your morale for working at home.

For more advise on making the best use of your home office space, head over to House Beautiful to hear what other designers are doing to create a space that’s functional, inspiring, and stress-reducing.


Classic Blue

After Pantone unveiled Class Blue as the 2020 Color of the Year, blue has been a hot topic with design. I love a classic neutral color palette, but am not afraid to design with bold pops of color when appropriate.

In honor of the new color of the year, I’ll be sharing daring moments I’ve incorporated blue into past designs as well as sharing how I plan to use blue hues in upcoming projects. From small updates to creating a wow-factor, here’s how to bring Classic Blue into your home.

Paint The Walls – Go big or go home…and there’s no better way to do so than by grabbing a can of paint and getting to work. This is a simple DIY that is cost-efficient and will make a bold and lasting statement, since blue is consistently a popular color in design and will never go out of style.

Add Color to Kitchen Cabinets – If you don’t want to commit to painting an entire room/all of the cabinetry blue, start by painting a kitchen island or select cabinets. This will create a stunning contrast next to white or neutral cabinets.

Bedding – Known for its calming tendencies, dark blue is the ideal color to add to the bedroom. Start by selecting a dark blue comforter, accent pillows and decorative accessories mixed with other calming and neutral hues. The rich color is known to increase coziness and help create a soothing environment.

Tile It – If you’re ready to go all-in, give your bathroom an update by selecting new tile. Play with different colors and patterns to make a bold statement in the shower or on the bathroom floor.

Layer in Different Shades of Blue – Experiment with different hues in the color family for a more soothing, subtle look. From artwork to lighting and decorative accessories, bring the Color of The Year into your home by selecting pieces in shades ranging from light blue to dark navy

For more insight on bringing Classic Blue into your home, head over to WCNC for more tips. 

Design Tips

New Year, New Design Resolutions

Home Design Resolutions

How do 2020 New Years resolutions apply to our home?


Once all of the Holiday decorations are packed away it’s the perfect time to take stock of how you want your home to feel, look and function in the new year. You have a clean slate so take a few minutes and ask yourself these questions:

#1. Resolve to reduce clutter in your home – One great way to do this is to take everything off of your bookshelves and start fresh. Put back only those things that are meaningful to you (like family photos) or enhance the rooms’ appearance. You’ll be amazed at how doing this one thing can change your entire room.

#2. Resolve to tackle some of those home renovation projects you’ve been wanting to do for years – Make a list in order of the top 5 things you’d love to do in your home. Then make a game plan to get it done one project at a time. Sometimes we get bogged down because we look at all of the things that we want to do and it seems like too huge of a task, so we don’t do anything.

Painting the kitchen island in my personal home has been on my “wishlist” for awhile and is one of the things I plan to tackle in 2020!

#3. Resolve to take a chance – Take a chance on using a color that you’d really love to have in your home. Take a chance by adding a design element like wallpaper on a ceiling or wallpapering your entire powder room.

4. Resolve to only bring into your home things that you love – This is one of the biggest mistakes that I see clients make — buying things on the spur of the moment — that look great in the store and then they get it home and it’s too big or too small or just doesn’t work.

5. Resolve to have family friendly spaces – You can have beautiful furnishings and spaces that also function for your busy life with kids, work and pets. It’s one of the things that I focus on everyday with every client.

Check out my recent segment on WCNC for more insight on improving your living space in the New Year.

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Master Bedroom Refresh

With the start of a New Year as you plan for a successful year ahead, there is no better time to refresh your space to best reflect other changes and goals you have set for the upcoming year.

Today, I’ll be sharing tips on refreshing a master bedroom. The master bedroom is often one of the most overlooked rooms in the house. Clients will mention wanting to save this area of the home for last because no one else sees the space but themselves. However, this should be all the more reason to make the space pleasing. If it is the first and last thing you see each day. Think comfort, function and of, course style.

Details + Plan + Layout – What kind of bedroom refresh are you hoping to achieve – swapping out bedding for a quick fix, or a complete refresh with new furniture, paint (or wallpaper) and fixtures.

Things to consider – What is the function of the bedroom? Do you use this space simply for sleeping, or could you benefit from a setting area for reading, answers emails, and sipping morning coffee? After determining the function of the room, you will be able to better select the furniture layout.

Soothing Colors – Research suggests that a soothing, natural color palette in a bedroom is one of the best ways to calm the spirit and yield a good night’s sleep

Lighting – I have found that lighting is one of the most overlooked concepts in homes, although when properly done it has the impact to completely transform a space.

Things to consider:

– Swap out bright white bulbs for warm white bulbs

– Install a dimmer to assist with controlling lighting throughout the day and night

– If you have lamps on your nightstands flanking the bed, 30” sized lamps will provide optimal lighting for when you’re seated in bed

– If your bedroom has large, open windows, install draperies with blackout lining to block unwanted light

Quality Makes A Big Impact – Now is the time to invest in your happiness. Splurge on pieces that will make a lasting impact – bedding, window treatments and lighting. While this might be a large investment up front, the quality of the pieces will uphold for years to come – making the right decisions up front means you won’t be buying twice a few years later.

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What’s Trending in 2020?

New year, new designs!


It’s hard to believe we’ve rung in the new year. After watching 2019 come to a close, I’m looking back on trends that were relevant throughout the past year and thinking ahead to a new year filled with new design trends.

Today I am sharing several of the top home decor trends to consider when updating your home in the new year. These trends are simple, fail-proof ways to increase both the functionality and aesthetic of your home.

What’s trending in the bathroom?

Bold Color is back – In 2019 we saw a slow but steady transition in the home steering away from neutrals and heading back to bold pops of color.

The simplest way to follow this trend is by adding a fresh coat of paint to the cabinets creating that “wow factor” your looking for.

Contrasting Tile Patterns – Completely transform your bathroom by arranging tile in unexpected ways to yield big results.

Stray from traditional tile placement and experiment by creating unique patterns and making a statement by placing multiple tiles throughout the space.

What’s trending in the kitchen?

Anything but White Kitchens – In 2019, we saw an influx of all-white kitchens, but 2020 will show that it’s time to incorporate more interest in the space. So, how do you do you incorporate color without overdoing it? For this recent renovation, I started with neutrals and then built upon that with blue cabinets and a striking chandelier. All the while simplistic, but a nice step away from the traditional all-white kitchen.

Not just a place to cook – It is becoming more and more popular for kitchens to be designed with functionality in mind. Kitchens are no longer seen as the room where you can only cook and eat. In this kitchen, I took advantage of the extra cabinet space and created a corner perfect for organizing household items (mail, bills, etc.) and even a perfect spot for the kids to work on homework while dinner is being prepped.

What home design trends are you eager to try in 2020?

Head over to WCNC Charlotte-Today to hear more about the top trends I’m looking fowrward to in this new year.

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Setting the Table for the Holidays – Woodsy Chic Style

It’s hard to believe that the holidays are right around the corner! From gatherings with friends, to formal dinner parties, and even hosting the extended family for a seated dinner – how are you prepping for the holidays season this year?

Last month I shared last minute tips on getting your home ready for the holidays, but today I’m sharing a glimpse into what’s going on this week at my personal home! The halls are decked and I’ve been putting finishing touches on the formal dinning room table setting that I have set up.

I’ll be sharing a step-by-step process on how to recreate the look in your home this season.

1. Select an Overarching Style/Theme – In my day-to-day life I am a farm girl at heart with a longing for a touch of glitz and glamour that serves as a striking contrast to natural elements. The holidays are all about making new memories and cherishing the old, so I wanted the table setting to reflect that.

2. The Essentials (Glassware, Plates, Utensils, and Napkins) – Start with the basics, taking inventory of what you already have in stock and work around this to create the perfect holiday look.

Ask yourself these questions – Do you already have a set of holiday china? Is your year-round china neutral or a statement piece?

3. Make a Wishlist – After pulling out your current stock, make a wishlist of key missing essentials + statement pieces your would like to work into the overall setting.

Pro-tip: you don’t have to break the bank here! After making note of what was “missing” from my desired table setting, I went to the local Pier One to grab a few things.

3. Centerpiece / Decorations – Finding the a balance between a perfectly styled table without forgetting the table’s man function – serving and eating food.

When selecting a centerpiece, try to avoid overpowering floral arrangements, candles, etc. that will disrupt/block conversation flow.

The elements pulled for the centerpiece (pinecones, leafs, berries, antlers) all work together to further enhance the theme of the table setting – Woodys Chic.

Head over to WCNC to learn more about enhancing your everyday holiday living by setting the table.

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It’s Time To Deck The Halls!

With Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner, I have upcoming plans with my family and friends on my mind. Whether you’re having friends over for a dinner party, hosting a kid-friendly party, or your extended family is heading in for the holidays now is the time to start decking the halls. I know, I know, it might be “too early” for some to start thinking about this, but believe me if you start now it will help ease the stress of holiday decorating. Leaving you with more time to relax and enjoy the holiday season.

Elegant Equestrian – Throughout the year my family home is adorned with comfortable furnishings and decorative accents. I like to describe my personal style as modern traditional with a nod to nature and a touch of unexpected glitz and glam! When it comes time to decorate for the holidays, I take bits and pieces of my everyday style and add in my natural love for horses and nature to create an overall style that works with the rest of the home.

Don’t be afraid to make the space your own! Who said Christmas couldn’t have an equestrian flair? This year I challenge you to stray from the traditional red and green Christmas decorations and think “outside of the box”.

Natural Color Palette – In the living room, I’ve decorated with colors inspired by nature – ivory, champagne, dark brown. While there are symbols of traditional holiday decor sprinkled throughout (reindeers, ornaments, trees) I wanted the decorations to look like they belong in my home and could stay up longer than the month of December.

Holiday Prepping – in the Clement household, the holiday traditions only begin with decorating the main areas of the household. I cherish spending every moment with my two girls making new memories each season.

From baking and decorating Christmas cookies, to holiday crafts with the girls, the kitchen island serves as our home base.

The holiday decor continues into the kitchen with an easy DIY burlap ribbon, red bow, aluminum star, and holly spring (another nod to nature) tied on the back of each barstool.

Keep it Cozy – Remember that the holidays are supposed to be some of the most enjoyed times of the year spent with friends and family. This cozy breakfast nook is one of my favorite areas to enjoy family meals. Every holiday season I look forward to decorating this raw wood chest with anything from homemade gingerbread houses and family photos, to favorite decorations we’ve collected over the years.

If you missed the live broadcast this week, head over to Queen City Life for additional tips and tricks on decorating your home for the holidays!

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Sunbrella Finds Around High Point Market

After another successful High Point Market, I am back in Charlotte and in the midst of projects but still reflecting on my favorite finds throughout market. Being able to experience HPMKT each Spring and Fall is one of the most educational and inspiring things I can do for my business. Being able to touch, feel and see the products each season helps me create functionally beautiful spaces for my clients.

When designing with life (and mess) in mind for clients that have pets and multiple kids, I am drawn to Sunbrella’s line of extensive fabrics that are gorgeous but are sure to withstand pets, spills, mess, kids, you name it!

Follow along for several of my favorite Sunbrella finds throughout market and stay tuned to see if any of these fabrics make it into my upcoming projects.

First stop – Lancaster Custom Crafted Upholstery. With an increased widespread popularity in performance fabrics, Lancaster has partnered with Sunbrella to offer a large selection of beautiful fabrics that are engineered to combine the highest level of design and performance.

Absolutely swooning over this pattern with impeccable detailing and stitching!

Next up – the She She live art installation at the Rowe Furniture Showroom, where illustrator Kate Worum and interior architect Jennifer Jorgensen used a food palette to create a beautiful masterpiece on stretched Sunbrella canvas.

She She used the vibrant colors in ice cream and chocolate syrup to paint the canvas. And the best part? Everything washes off because of Sunbrella’s performance durability!

Don’t believe the magic behind Sunbrella threads? Try it out yourself!

I made a mess with wine, salad dressing, and ketchup…and the result? 100% squeaky fabric!

Capris Furniture has an extensive live of Sunbrella fabrics for their indoor and outdoor furniture lines.

Thank you, High Point Market for leaving me inspired to get back home and begin souring new product and textiles for upcoming projects! Until next time, see you in April High Point Market!

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Organize It – Before/After Addition

Move over clutter, I’ve got storage solutions that will help combat clutter throughout an entire home.

If clutter and mess is in the way, then how can you fully enjoy the home? Of course, I’m not saying life is perfect – believe me with pets & kids I understand just how easy it is for the home to go from clean to a mess in a matter of minutes. However, incorporating simple solutions into your home will help control the mess and increase the overall functionality of the home.

Everything has a place – I suggest starting with a plan & sticking to it. Cabinets and baskets are your best friends, take full advantage of their ability to conceal mess.

Today, I’ll be showing a glimpse into a recent project and sharing how I was able to help organize different spaces throughout the home, further increasing the home’s overall functionality.

Before – a kitchen desk that the family never used had turned into a catch all for mess

After – a crisp & clean beverage station with additional storage right off the kitchen

Before – a space right off the entryway that never felt complete

After – a beautiful living room for the family to gather. Added bonus? The TV cabinet has extra storage that is conceal to hide everything from movies to toys and games.

Before – a small space with a small vanity = not taking full advantage of the room

After – I stripped the paneling and floor-to-ceiling wallpaper, creating the illusion of a bigger space and added a larger vanity. Neatly organize cleaning & extra beauty products in the cabinet for easy access.

Head over to QC Life for more tips on transitioning unused spaces in your home to fully functioning command centers.

Design Tips

Back To School – Planning Ahead for A Smooth Transition

The end of summer is always bittersweet. No more long vacation days spent with my girls, but I welcome the schedule and routine of a new school year! For all the busy moms out there, I suggest taking time during the last weeks of summer to prep and organize key spaces throughout the home that will help set your kids (and yourself) up for a successful school year!

Get the Drop Zone Ready! – Make sure every backpack has a hook and every kid a cubby. Let’s not forget about a sweatshirt or light jacket, because those chilly mornings will be here before you know it! And the shoes…baskets and bins for each kid with only school shoes as options….flip flops up to the closet! With a well thought out drop zone the mess and chaos will turn into an organized control system by the entryway to help avoid having jackets, bags and shoes thrown all over the home.

Prep Homework Stations – Whether it’s a kitchen island or a desk in the kid’s rooms, make sure it is a consistent place that they associate with homework and studying. Don’t forget to stock up on all supplies now and that the space is clean and tidy and ready for work.

School Wardrobe – If your kids do not wear uniforms (hallelujah mine do!) go through their closets and dressers and clean out anything that does not fit. If an outfit is not school appropriate, put that aside in a separate space designated for weekend wear. Now’s the time to talk to your kids about selecting outfits the night before – nothing like a hectic morning with “nothing to wear”. Give your fashionistas a bust or mini mannequin to play with for a fun fashion activity and to help plan ahead with outfits.

If your kid’s room is organized prior to the first day of school, it’ll help you combat the craziness that comes with the back to school schedule throughout the rest of the home!

For more tips on organizing the front door “drop zone,” check out WCNC Charlotte-Today.

Design Tips

Making an Entrance

Whether you have a large foyer or a narrow hallway, use the entryway of your home to make a statement that will set the tone for the rest of the home. The entryway is the first thing guests see (and the first thing you see) so the space should be warm and welcoming!

Today, I’m sharing tips on making a lasting impact with the design while making sure the space is practical for heavy foot traffic.

Go Bold – Create drama with unexpected elements – animal print carpet on the stairway, wallpaper or even a bright paint color.

Light it Up – A large statement lighting fixture creates the illusion of a larger room and will be sure to leave a bright first impression. Here, I wanted the structure of the large stairwell to stand out here so I transformed the large wall space with added wood work, making the entrance simple, yet elegant.

Take a Seat – Take full advantage of the space you have in the foyer by adding a bench or a pair of chairs. This is great for sitting down and putting on shoes, or even the perfect place to “sneak away” from the noise of the rest of the home for a quiet moment.

Drop Zone – depending on the layout of the home and your day-to-day needs, creating extra storage will help combat clutter. Use bins and baskets to hide the mess (shoes, jackets, bags, you name it).

For more of my entryway trips and tricks, check out WCNC Charlotte today.